Monday, November 18, 2013

Most Wonderful Time of Year- GLITTER MARKET!!!

Just a few short days ladies and it will be our most wonderful time of year- Glitter Market. Set your alarms because you won't want to be late. Glitter Market is this Saturday, November 23rd from 10-4.
We found out last week our home for Glitter Market will be the former CC's Children's Store, just down the sidewalk in between No Regrets and Consortium. You won't be able to miss it because it's so very---bright. It was a children's store so lots of turquoise, pink and violet not exactly our typical Paper Crown Glitter market palette but a challenge for me to decorate.

I will be featuring our Glitter Market vendors all week so stay on top of the blog this week.
Our first vendor is GM veteran and Paper Crown mixed media instructor- Medeah Kitsmiller. I know Medeah so hopefully she won't mind me saying she is typically a last minute kinda girl. I'm fairly certain she has stayed up creating the night before GM in the past. Not this year, Medeah has been busy which is great, we won't have as many disappointed customers. Here is just a sample of what Medeah will be offering.

You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
Saturday, November 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City, OK

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  1. I cant wait to join you ladies this weekend! It will be so much fun!~