Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just In

New October Afternoon and Cavallini, always worth the wait...

Daily Flash " All Boy"

Daily Flash " Snapshot"

Daily Flash " Girl Talk"

Several fun new roller stamps by October Afternoon

Lots of new large sheets from Cavallini. Perfect for wrapping, framing, collaging.

And a couple of this little chickie. Everyone wants this girl..


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Last Look- thank you Savannah!

One last look at Paper Crown Glittered Retreat. These beautiful photographs were taken by Bobbie's talented and gorgeous- she takes after her mama- daughter Savannah. Savannah and her husband have their own photography company, and I highly recommend them. Not only did they take these amazing pics of Glittered Retreat but they also took Payne's Senior pictures and Katie is SOOOOO jealous.

I think Savannah's pictures are the perfect finale to a pretty perfect event- Thanks girls and enjoy!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

It was a busy but perfect weekend. Bobbie had a class on Saturday and these ladies were in and out- lots to do! It was a fun group and it seemed so quiet in the classroom after the retreat. Thank you ladies for taking time out of your busy weekend to spend at Paper Crown; you are all some of our favorites!

heads down busy at work!

Where are you Becky? I just realized you weren't in this pic. Terri also was here but had to leave a little early.

We don't do this often but we have 2 kits from Bobbie's vintage rabbit class this weekend. Everything is included BUT we don't provide written instructions. I will however, send as many pictures as you want. Cost is $40 plus shipping. Call Paper Crown if you are interested.
Then it was off to Mom duty. Rarely are we all together- Austin and his kiddos live in Dallas, Katie and Payne are in Waco- so when we are all in the same place together, this mamma is happy- and usually cries, tears of joy! I have become my grandmother.
For 5 kiddos who are constantly on Facebook, instagram, snapchat and taking selfies, there was a lot of grumbling to get this pic.  
Never too old for an egg hunt!
Hope you all had a great weekend. It's back to work, new October Afternoon out this afternoon.