Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Class Wrap Up For 2015

I know you all are anxious for pictures of our Terri Brush Weekend and Glitter Market but the battery died on my camera so if you don't mind waiting just a tad bit longer. I will tell you it was magical, some beautiful pieces of art were created and purchased, and strong new friendships were soldered to our hearts! ( bad I know : )  Terri, Heather & Billie we so enjoyed having you at Paper Crown and I am ecstatic to announce plans are being made for a treat of all treats for 2016. More details coming soon.  

Here is a quick run down of the classes that remain for 2015...


Beginning Calligraphy
Mon., Nov. 30th
Krystal, $60
Just in time for the holidays!
Santa Tags
Tues., Dec. 1st
Jackie, $40
For those of you wanting Catherine's new
Santa stamp used in this class
This stamp is on its way to Paper Crown and I anticipate it being available for purchase on Saturday or possibly Friday. Once it is available, I will put on the blog and it can be purchased at that time on a first come first serve basis. Please to not call before it arrives. There will be no holds or discounts; however, you can call with a credit card.
Winter Girl
Thurs., Dec. 3rd
Medeah, $55
Christmas Tree Folding Class
Sat., Dec. 5th
Pam, $45

Christmas Iris Folding Class
Tues., Dec. 8th
Pam, $40
Paper Marbling Class
Thurs., Dec. 10th
Sold Out
Watch for additional dates in January
To sign up for class
call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389
Holiday hours
Tues., Nov. 24- 10-5
Wed., Nov. 25th- 10-1
Thurs., Nov.26th- closed
Happy Thanksgiving
Fri., Nov. 26th- 10-1
Go Irish football playoffs in Lawton  
Sat., Nov. 27th- 10-4

Friday, November 20, 2015

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Medeah Kitsmiller

Our very own Medeah has done it again! She has created some beautiful Christmas decorations that I know you will want to take home. Knowing Medeah she will be creating all night so this is probably just a small sampling of the goodies available.

Paper Crown Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 21st
Don't be sorry!

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Lori Chipera

Lori was a vendor at our last Spring Glitter Market and everyone was so taken by her enchanting fairies and terrariums. Lori will be here tomorrow with a magical collection of snowmen, Santa's and fairies. You will love these works of art, I know!


Paper Crown Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 21st
Line starts forming early!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Jennifer Allred

Although Jennifer, also known as Amy's BFF, can't be with us at Glitter Market, she has sent a box of  goodies for you all to swoon over. We love her colorful and fun jewelry and we know you will also. The only thing better would be if Jennifer could join us- we have our fingers crossed for next year !

Paper Crown Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 21st

You DON'T  want to miss out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Terri Wilkerson

If you are looking for that perfect vintage item to add a bit of nostalgia to your project, it is very likely that Terri will have it. We are so thrilled to have Terri back at Glitter Market and we know you will also!


 Paper Crown Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 21st
Line starts forming early!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Charlotte Perez

We are so thrilled that our very, very favorite gal from Dallas will be here with her gorgeous jeweled works of art- Charlotte Perez! Not only is her jewelry BEAUTIFUL but she is so very, very fun to be around. If you have never met Charlotte or seen her art you are in for a treat.

 Paper Crown Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 21st

Monday, November 16, 2015

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Jackie Peters

Look and swoon ladies! This table will be swamped so get here early on Saturday!



Paper Crown Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 21st