Saturday, April 28, 2018

Free Til 4

Backroom sale tables are free til 4 Come and get it

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Most Amazing Adventure

I hope you can join us today as we celebrate 12 amazing years of creating and much more importantly,  friendship that we have shared at our happy place, Paper Crown. It has been a blessing and a miracle that could have only been lovingly orchestrated by our Father.

We will be open today from 10-6 and to say thank you for this wonderful run, we will be offering 25% discount .

Thank you to those who call this place home. You have been a blessing and are loved. We will meet again and are bound by our deep friendship. ox

Monday, April 23, 2018

Our Last Week In OKC

It is with a heavy heart I announce this will be our last week in Oklahoma City. We have had an absolutely amazing run and even more than keeping the store running for 12 years, I am most proud of the community that has been created through the store and classes. We are a group that has lived life together and lived it well and creatively. Thank you! I have been blessed beyond measure and I am leaving a part of my heart here.

We will be open this week, Mon. April 23-Thurs., April 26 10-6. We are staying open later this week to help those that work.

Tuesday will be our last class at Paper Crown. It will be a great time and is a large sold out class. Due to Tuesday's class, the back room sale items will be removed Tuesday at 3. Class supply list is on Jackie's blog,

Thursday will be our last day open to customers. To say thank you, we will be having a store wide sale Thursday only- 25% off storewide.

All week we will have discounted items in the back room. Back room papers (excluding cardstock)  will be a dime and as items are purchased, I will restock throughout the week. I also have tables of items that are 3.99 and .99.

Once again thank you for supporting Paper Crown and I hope to be able to give you a hug and say good bye. Love, Cindy

Friday, April 20, 2018

Ready for Tomorrow's Sale

Restocked and ready for tomorrow, the final day of the Sidewalk sale. We have sold 1710 sheets of sale paper this month. Think we can make it to 2000 by 4 tomorrow?

See Ya Tomorrow!

Sidewalk Sale Today & Tomorrow

Too much to put on the sidewalk so come check out the back room.....

These are ALL just 10 shiny pennies! 



Restocked for Fri Sale

Amy managed to pretty much clear out the sale merchandise yesterday, I'm not one bit surprised, so as soon as I pick up from Angie's fun class last night, I will restock the back with sale items. More paper for a dime, and the .99 and 3.99 tables will be restocked.

Come help me celebrate my last Casady Square Sidewalk sale!  
Fri. 10-5
Sat. 10-4 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It Has Begun

The purge for the move has begun. Since the Casady Square sidewalk sale is tomorrow, Thurs., April 19th- Sat., April 21st, I decided it was a great time to get rid of some back stock and items no longer need. Tomorrow the sale will go until 4 when we need to get ready for class- there are still openings.

Here's a peek of what you can find in the backroom...

Several of the paper racks and tables are full of paper for a dime.
Scrapbook magazines are .99
Somerset magazines are 3.99
All of these d├ęcor pieces are .99
As items are purchased throughout the weekend we will restock with new
We have a few spots left in tomorrow's
Meet Flora 
Angie, $45
Call the store to reserve your spot
405 848-2389

One Spot Left in Our Last OKC Class

Just One Spot Left!

Jackie's Little Book
Tues., April 24th
Jackie, $45
who has some Kleenex, it has hit like a ton of bricks today

First person to call gets it
405 848-2389
The back room has been restocked and Thurs.- Sat is the
 Casady Square Sidewalk Sale
Our sale merchandise will be in the backroom

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It is Still Coming In

I think I am in a bit of denial- very few things packed and I'm still getting in new product, and this isn't the last shipment. Mary and Elaine the last shipment is strictly for you two, two lines will be coming in next week for you to shop and then boxed up.

Here's a peek of what is new...

Two new lines from Webster's Pages

Fun new Traveler's Notebooks from Webster's Pages

Love this mustard suede traveler's notebook

Beautiful spiral notebook

Love  this die and we also have the matching stamp

We got in a couple of favorites from Angie's Paper Crown Collage class. we used the stamp on the right in class and the one on the left is new (at least new to PC). Everyone loved the gold glitter paste. I can't hold but you can call with your credit card.
Restocked our favorite watercolors. Same watercolors just new packaging.

We have a couple of spots left!
Meet Flora
this Thurs., April 19th
Angie, $ 45

Call Paper Crown to snag a spot in one of our last classes,
405 848-2389
The back room has been restocked and there are a lot of great deals to be had. We still have some Graphic 45 left and have put out more sale items.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Paper Crown Does Whatever

A group of us traveled to the Whatever Craft House in Newton, KS this weekend to be together
and just simply doing whatever. It was a magical weekend and lots of memories were created.


Love this girl!

Love you girls!
 We need to make this a annual event.