Friday, April 29, 2011

Just a Few Short Hours!

Only 12 hours! Things are almost ready for the big event. If you were somehow on the fence about whether or not to go- really is that even an option- then take a look at Jemellia's adorable aprons and you'll quickly decide. Jemellia has lots of the funniest aprons, totes, zipper bags and some beautiful fabric bracelets. Don't be surprised if you see a certain someone sporting a new apron tomorrow!

The tables all look so very cute and the merchandise is incredible. You are going to love IT!!

This chickie is going to get some shut eye- it's been a long day! See you in the am

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Two Buckle My Shoe- cause I gotta get to Paper Crown

I can hardy wait- a royal wedding and Glitter Market, it's a crafty girls dream come true. I have specifically left a little creating to for this am, it seems like the perfect duo. Speaking of duos, today's sneak peek is one of my very favorite duos- Jill and Susan.

Susan & Jill at the fall Glitter Market- They truly are the cutest things!
They are just plan fun and I love it when they take a class because I know there will be laughter and Jill almost always brings me a treat. Jill and Susan are whipping up the most incredible yummies for Glitter Market. I'm not sure what they are bringing but to be honest I don't care because I guarantee you it will be out of this world. Cookies, candy, bread, brownies it simply doesn't matter because it will be amazing. You will want to hit this table 1st before the favorites disappear!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three is the Magic Number

Day 3 Artist
Medeah Kitsmiller

Today's sneak peek is from Medeah Kitsmiller. Medeah is relatively new to Paper Crown but boy has she fit in perfectly. Medeah is a former art teacher and now gets to work on her craft while raising her adorable daughter Miss Chloe - how she does that with a three year old amazes me.

Miss Chloe didn't feel like shoes this day

Medeah does beautiful mixed media canvases that are covered in layers of fun. In addition to selling at the Glitter Market, Medeah also is teaching mixed media classes at Paper Crown. More of Medeah's work can be seen at

Medeah's La Paloma class still has a few openings. Class will be held Tuesday, May 10th from 5:30-8:30. Cost is $55.00. If interested, call Paper Crown to sign up.

Believe it or not we still have one opening in Jackie's Mother's Day Book tomorrow, Thursday, April 28th from 5:30-8:30. Cost is $45.00. If interested, call Paper Crown 848-2389 to sign up. Bet that 1st person to sign up won't believe their lucky stars.

Late Opening Wednesday 4/27/11

We will be opening at 11:30 am on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 due to dr.'s appointment.
I appologize for any inconvenience

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only 4 Short Days!

I can hardly believe it is only 4 short days until Paper Crown's Spring Glitter Market. So very much to do and so very little time. Easy for me to say, I'm not vending. Here is a sneak peek at today's vendor-

The Very Talented and Even More Humble
Miss Linda Land

I have known Linda for almost 13 years. She was also a very talented Nichols Hills Elementary mom. How in a school full of incredibly talented artistic moms did I happen to hook up with the one really bad apple- I will always wonder but anyway... Linda created the most wonderful play sets with her good buddy Cherry and then I discovered her amazing art work - Wow! Over the years I have been lucky enough to get a few pieces and I love each one. Linda has a studio in Paseo and for years did the magical displays at Cloverleaf. 
More of Linda's work can be seen on her blog,
Linda will be sharing a booth with her good friend Brenda Little and I know it will be a sparkling, fantastical and very crowded table! 

We really have such amazing items for Glitter Market, I just hope we aren't sold out by noon. Theme for Glitter Market- You snooze you will lose!   

While you all are waiting for Saturday to arrive here are a few goodies that arrived yesterday. While the market will be crowded, if it is anything like last fall, the store will also be packed- and I personally hope so.
I have a feeling the same theme will apply at Paper Crown- You snooze you will lose!

New My Mind's Eye- Lime Twist
Fun papers and each line has several coordinating twines in new colors- these will fly out the door!
Lime Twist has 2 cute boy lines. Thank Goodness, you know those can be very rare.

New Anna Griffin albums, magnetic boards, notepads and frames
 make the perfect Graduation and Mother's Day gifts

Monday, April 25, 2011

Countdown Day 5

I think I'm finally caught up- WHEW!

A most important piece of information- The Paper Crown Spring Glitter Market held THIS Saturday, April 30th will be held right next door! We are so excited we got the empty storefront right next door (the former No Regrets location, 9301 N. Pennsylvania). If you are facing the front of Paper Crown it will be to your immediate left. Although it would be nice to have neighbors, I'm glad we don't this weekend.

Day 5 Valisha Hall

I have known Valisha for 11years, since Payne and her twins Emily and Jacob were in kindergarten. Her art has always been amazing and she is so very humble. She would never toot her own horn so I'm glad to get the chance. Valisha does a lot of painting and mixed media projects. Currently most of her work is committed to the OKC Designer Symphony Showhouse but we were able to get a few of her smaller pieces. Many of you have admired her vase of red flowers in the classroom and I think I've almost twisted her arm enough to teach a class. You won't want to miss these mini paintings and if you could twist her arm just I little more I'd appreciate it! 

New My Mind's Eye arrived late this afternoon and all Easter is 75% off 

Countdown Continues

The Paper Crown Spring Glitter Market countdown continues.....

The computers at the store are much newer than mine at home so here is the picture that wasn't cooperating yesterday.

This is a sample of the beautiful textile work by Martha Green. If you were involved in the Easter swap you will agree with me that Martha's work is beautiful. We are so glad she is joining us for Glitter Market and can't wait to see the vibrant art she will be selling.

Day 6
(I realize it is actually Day 5, we will be having another post later this afternoon) 

This gorgeous mosaic arched window is by a new vendor to Glitter market, Amy Baldwin. Amy does the most stunning mosaics and fun calendars. I know you all will go crazy for Amy's art. More of Amy's work can be seen on her blog

As you can see you will want to be here right at 10 on Saturday to get the best selection. I predict a sellout. We should know the exact location for Glitter Market later today so watch for a second post with Day 5 sneak peek and our Glitter Market location.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Should Count on My Fingers

My Spring Glitter Market countdown got off. And I'm pretty sure I counted on fingers- gez guess  my mind is going in too many directions that is always when I make mistakes. So anyway we will pretend like it is still Saturday and since it's the weekend (and who doesn't love a weekend ) we'll cover day 8 and 7. 

Day 8 Ms. Donna Layton

We are so very glad to have Donna back at Paper Crown. She is an accomplished artist and such a very nice person. We have missed her and are so glad she will be joining us at Glitter Market. Donna has been painting a lot this past year and this is one of her new pieces inspired by her love of vintage wallpaper. In addition to her paintings Donna is bringing some beautiful fabric brooches and  her amazing stash of the best crafting supplies ever! Donna's blog is Under the Red Roof  if you want to look at more of Donna's work or her treasures. I also think Donna will be bringing a class sample- Yipee we can not wait.   

Day 7 picture is not cooperating- at all  I so wanted it to work because 7 was going to be Martha Green and she told Franc one day that she frequently works until the wee hours of the morning and since it's a wee hour now, I thought how appropriate. My computer isn't cooperating so we will have to consult an expert at a reasonable hour. Nevertheless you are going to love Martha's quilts they are truly pieces of art!

Now we are kinda back on track, I may need to go back to Ms. Sinclair's kindergarten class. Don't want to leave without wishing our dear Franc a Happy Happy Birthday Weekend- us Paper Crown girls believe in spreading out a good thing!

nite nite  and I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter

p.s. Franc did you do it?

Friday, April 22, 2011

9 Days and Counting...

Just a short 9 days and counting until Paper Crown's Spring Glitter Market. I know to you anxious shoppers it will seem like an eternity but for the vendors, I have a feeling the week will fly by. The inquiries regarding Market have been many and believe it or not we have gone interstate girls- we have had calls from Texas, Kansas and Arkansas! I predict the line will be forming early Saturday morning- I will bring coffee for all you early birds, need to have you all wired up to hit the ground running when the door opens.

I thought it would be a good idea to count down the market with a daily " tease " of what is in store for next week's market.

Our first tempting treat is from the multi talented  Jackie Peters. Jackie has been busy creating so many unique and wonderful treats for the market. I could have featured a new Jackie creation for each day of the month and still had items to spare- jewelry, mixed media, books, pillows, just to name a few. It will be crowded around her table so please be sweet- she and Franc are working as fast as they can : )

New This Week

New goodies this week include: Echo Park Summer Time and a new shipment from Somerset Studio including the newest Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging and Where Women Create . Just in  Anna Griffin, it will be unpacked and ready to go by late afternoon.

And if you just can't get enough of our Jackie, we have a opening next Thursday, April 28th (yes, 2 days before Glitter Market- only our very own energizer bunny would teach a class 2 days before another big event! ) from 5:30-8:30. Cost is $45.00 and the first one to call Paper Crown, 848-2389 to reserve your spot is the lucky winner!

Join us tomorrow for another sneak peek at Glitter Market goodies- off to get ready for a fun weekend of  soldering with the multi talented Miss Heather Ales- good times!    

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a Soldering Weekend

If you have taken Heather's basic and intermediate soldering classes and can make this....


 You still have time to sign up for Heather's advanced class on Saturday and can make this....

We still have a couple of openings left in Heather's advanced Home Sweet Home class this Saturday, April 23rd from 10-5. This is an advanced class and students need to have completed the beginning and advanced soldering classes. This house is adorable and you will be able to change out the paper for different holidays or occasions. I think the new Pink Paislee Soiree would be perfect for a birthday house. The cost is $95.00 and we will take an hour break for lunch. Unfortunately the weekend isn't supposed to be that great so come join us for a fun and rewarding class with Miss Heather. Call Paper Crown, (405) 848-2389 to reserve your spot.

If you are a little anxious about the advanced class we are offering a "soldering crop" on Friday evening from 7-9. This will be a great time to get up to speed for Saturday morning or work out any soldering kinks  you might  have. I will have some light snacks for the crop so please do us a favor and let us know if you will be dropping in.

I hate when I mess up and I did a big goof on Monday. Two of my favorite Paper Crown artists are Brenda Wright, a Heather soldering protege, and Brenda Little, an accomplished and incredible nice artist and sometimes sidekick of the lovely Linda Land.  On my blog entry regarding Glitter Market I listed Brenda Wright as a vendor instead of Brenda Little. My apologizes to both and hopefully in the fall we can talk Brenda Wright into vending but for now it's just Miss Little.

Speaking of Glitter Market, there has been no action next door, so we have our finger crossed it will be in the old No Regrets storefront. We should know a definite location on Monday.  Starting tomorrow we will have a daily sneak peek at some of the wonderful goodies that will be available next Saturday, April 30th at Paper Crown's Spring Glitter Market so check the blog daily for a little tease!

New Echo Park Summer Time just in-
colors are vibrant and reminds me of a box of Popsicles !

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper Crown Glitter Market

Paper Crown's Spring Glitter Market is just around the corner. After the huge success we had this winter at the Holiday Glitter Market we couldn't resist trying again this spring. The Glitter Market will be held Saturday, April 30th from 10am-5pm.  At the moment the exact location is still in limbo, and it probably will be until next week. As long as the store front next door to Paper Crown ( formerly the No Regrets) is unrented,  we can have it there. If the storefront rents this week, we will simply move down the sidewalk to another empty space. we will put a banner in the window and as you know from the Holiday Market, it will be easy to spot , just look for the line of women wrapping around the shopping center.

Many of your favorite vendors from the Holiday market will be returning including: Jackie Peters, Linda Land, Brenda Wright, Holly Abston, Ann-Denise Anderson, Jemellia Hilfiger, and Jill Groce/ Susan Diffee.

Some vendors new to Paper Crown's Glitter Market include: Heather Ales, Martha Green, Amy Baldwin, Valisha Hall and Medeah Kitsmiller. I have a feeling this list will be increasing even more this week.

The variety of art available includes: mixed media, jewelry, fabric/ textiles, prints, ephemera and baked goods. There will be something for everyone- I promise!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just around the corner

Summer will be here in no time and what better way to get you in the mood than this new Pink Paislee Summer Hometown. Watermelon, barbecue, Popsicles, swimming they all remind us of July. this line is a collaboration between Pink Paislee ans one of my favorite companies Collage Press. They didn't come out with a huge number of lines but they all were beautiful- they do a great job with color. This will be flying out the door so don't wait or you will be sorry.

I told ya'll yesterday that the little guy on this paper reminded me of Emory. I'll let you be the judge.

my lil cuties!

The Pink Paislee lil cutie

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Love It!!!
Home Sweet Home
Saturday, April 23

This project will be completed during our 6 hour class! Yes, SIX hours! It is a lengthy class, but a one hour break has been scheduled in. (It probably will not take you the full class time to complete this project, but I scheduled it in, just in case. I want everyone to leave with a completed project!) So, be sure to dress comfy and feel free to bring a lunch (or pop out to eat!). Light snacks and treats will be provided.

If you're interested in joining us for this fun class, contact the Paper Crown at 405.848.2389 (This class is an advanced class. Attendance in both my beginner and intermediate classes is required in order to attend Home Sweet Home.)

Each student will need to bring the following supplies with them: paper trimmer, scissors, wet & dry adhesives, pencil, ruler, extra fine black sharpie marker, tile work surface, soldering iron & stand, flux & brush, lead-free solder, sal block, burnishing tool, clamps, and bent nosed hemostats.

If you aren't quite up to speed for Home Sweet Home, never fear Heather is holding a beginning soldering class on Friday, April 22nd from 3-6 pm. The cost of the beginning class is $65.00 and includes all of your supplies. You will definitely want to get all caught up and ready for Heather's advanced classes because I hear she has some wonderful advanced classes in the works including a CROWN!  More info to come soon.

Also on Friday the 22nd following Heather's beginning class we are holding a " soldering crop."  For a couple of hours,  you can come into the store and brush up for Saturday's class or ask Heather any questions regarding soldering. This is a perfect time to work out any little kinks you might have.  

If you haven't taken a soldering class from Heather- what the heck are you waiting for and if you have, heat up those guns because you are going to have a wonderfully creative weekend. 

Go enjoy this beautiful day and then come see all the wonderful new goodies at Paper Crown.

Sorry, it has been SO VERY SLOW that I thought I needed to tempt you a little!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Walk Around

Wow! There was a lot of unpacking on Friday but absolutely no putting away. I just told Cheri I'm tired of being at the store and have at it! Therefore my flower beds are all weeded and ready to go but the backroom- not so much.

Decided it kinda looked like a "walk around". You remember in school when you would have a project and the teacher would display them on the desks or tables and you would walk around and look.
So ya'll swing by the store for our "walk around" - this is in honor of you Ms. Redburn (not for long) only this time you can touch and hopefully pick up and purchase.

Our 1st project is from Kaisercraft. They are from Australia and apparently those Aussies like Easter a lot more than we do because they are the only ones with a cute Easter line. Sorry, Peeps are to eat not to craft.

Next we have the class over achiever- My Mind's Eye. Not one project but 4. The Lush line comes in fuchsia, turquoise (someone who will remain unnamed, forgot to order the paper to go with all those wonderful embellishments but it is on it's way), orange and navy- yes, the elusive color navy. For some reason navy doesn't make the cut often so if you love or need navy, now is your chance. Very modern and beautiful flocked paper- definitely an A+.

Next is the class favorite- Pink Paislee Summer Hometown. This project is by the kid in class everyone loves- he's cute, funny and sweet. It may not be perfect but it tugs at your heartstrings and you love it. This is Emory Winter's project- the little guy in the bathing suit even kinda looks like Em.

Final project is by the life of the class- Pink Paislee Soiree. To this kid life is just one big party everyday so CELEBRATE!
So come by and pick your favorite project. Like all classes we have a couple who never quite make the deadline. Promising to turn in later this week- Echo Park Summertime and Anna Griffin.

Easter  ATC cards due Wednesday, April 13th

Faberge egg ATC by Martha Green.
 My dad would be so proud- I told him some day I would actually use all those Russian history classes. 

You can learn to make this beautiful paper flower Thursday evening at Medeah's Bloom Big Class. Just a very few openings left.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting, patiently waiting

Some big boxes from Notions are scheduled to arrive today full of lots of goodies: stamps, glimmer mist, liquid pearls, flowers- just a hodge podge of artistic staples. Anna Griffin and Pink Paislee, or at least some of Pink Paislee, are also making their way to the store. We are jam packed at the moment so where to put all
this will be the million dollar question. While I wait for the back door to ring, I thought I would show you a class for next week that is taking off like wild fire.

This will be Medeah's 1st class at Paper Crown

Bloom Big
Thursday, April 14th
Only a few spots left so don't delay - you will be sorry!

Medeah also has a 2nd class- La Paloma

Saturday, May 7th

Both of Medeah's classes are great opportunities to sharpen your mixed media skills or try your hand at this unique art form if you haven't had the chance. Call the store, 848-2389 to reserve your spot.

Here's a quick peek at the Easter Cones the girls and I did this past Sunday at Kid's Camp. We have a great time - but boy you should have seen that backroom!

Bell just rang- 3 huge boxes of goodies to unpack- tempting??  We hope!

Have a great afternoon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Docket for this Week

Every once in a while a little piece of my old life pops up- "docket" was a term frequently used during my days as a paralegal/ legal assistant. The excitement/anticipation of going to court was always fun but all those many hours of prep to get there, not so much. I've basically been shuffling paper all my adult life whether it's trial exhibits, kiddo's homework or the newest Basic Grey. Maybe I'll list my profession as a professional paper shuffler : )

There are several opportunities this week to satisfy your creative urges.

Jackie's Easter Spool class is this Thursday, April 7th, 5:30-8:30. This class is at it's max.- sorry girls you snooze you lose. Don't loose heart, Jackie has a few spots left in some remaining classes for those who act quickly.

Shining Light
Friday, April 8th, 6-9

 Come join us for a fun evening of painting and girl time. This darling chandelier will be pre-sketched so the hard part is done for you. Basically this is paint by number for adults but so much cuter than that horse, dog or cat you did as a kiddo. You won't want to miss out on this fun evening!  

Easter Parade
Saturday, April 9th
If you haven't been able to make one of Ann-Denise's paper clay classes then this is for you. Ann- Denise will instruct you on molding, painting and wardrobing your bunny doll so she will be all ready the Easter Parade. This is such a fun class and many who have done the Christmas or Valentine's doll are returning for more. They each turn out so very unique and so very wonderful.  

These classes all have just a few openings so don't delay!
Call Paper Crown at 848-2389 to reserve your class spot.