Monday, January 30, 2012

Cupid's Arrow Hit

As you can see, Cupid's arrow hit Paper Crown this weekend. Ann-Denise and her cute family came up from Ft. Worth this weekend so she could teach her Valentine's cone class. I'm always amazed at the amount of goodies this girl brings and how unique each project turns out.

Don't you just want to get your hands on these goodies!

If you missed out on Ann-Denise's Valentine Cone class, she will be back February 25th to teach this fun Paper mache class...

Saturday, February 25th
Ann-Denise also brought a TON of spring colored ruffle crepe paper and the sweetest paper mache angel wings. If you are really sad you missed the cone class- I have ONE kit for sale- complete with a cone template and all the goodies to create your very own Valentine's cone.   We are so very lucky at Paper CRown to have such a wonderful group of teachers. I'm continually honored that some of you drive for hours to shop and teach at my little store- Thank you!
This is almost full but there are 2 spots left in Medeah's Valentine canvas class this Thursday, February 2. Call the store to reserve your spot.
It is the calm before the storm, the first of the CHA products will be here on Thursday - Webster's Pages Sunday Picnic. Hang on girls the fun is just beginning!
For all of our out of town readers, anything you see on the blog can be ordered by phone and shipped. Hopefully our web store will be up and running soon but until then, we can do it the old fashioned way.
Paper Mache Ballon with a Frozen Charlotte

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today's Discriminating Shopper

We had a very discriminating shopper in the store today. Actually it was a male and he stayed almost the entire day. He was a tad bit undressed, footy pjs with moose slippers, but definitely comfy. All morning he simply wanted my full attention, he asked for a snack- or three or four, spent all afternoon cruising the store, and then just crashed in a heap in the corner.

My special shopper today was Baby Bubbie. We didn't get a whole lot done but we got in some quality snuggle and play time. He's a cutie pie and it's fun to have the little guy at the store. He even signed for more applesauce- he is one of the MOST brilliant babies in town!
Bubbie coming up with a use for Cavallini that Jackie had not thought of- it makes a great wand and then you can throw it on the floor. This is how smart this little guy is, he aways picked up the same roll. Very conscientious of Auntie Cindy's inventory. 

Bubbie shopping for ribbon. Green was his color of choice.

Bubbie and Mr. Monkey in the shopping basket. Not many of us can do that!

However in the midst of all the fun with my little friend, we got a really- I mean really Big surprise at the store. You are going to love it but I'm sworn to secrecy. It is a biggie and is just a few weeks away. In the middle of all my baby babble I wasn't sure it was really true but it is, and it is BIG! I'm not telling anyone- not even Jackie- it's that BIG! 

So it was a pretty good  day, a  little play time, a big surprise and Anthropologie opens this weekend- I'm a happy camper!  
   P.S. A very special thanks to the beautiful Bullard girls who gave me a small break this afternoon and managed to get Bubbie tired enough to finally take a nap! You girls Rock!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Boy's Life

Em does not look thrilled does he? I have been taking the kids to Waco and more specifically, the "bear pit" at Baylor since they were babies. They used to love it now... not so much. I took the boy's and my favorite adopted boy down to Baylor for a boy's weekend- two basketball games, cheeseburgers and shakes and lots of rough housing. Why must they always take something from the other which results in a wrestling match? It was fun- just wish one of the games had had a different outcome.

After my testastrone filled weekend it seemed appropriate that " A Boy's Life" from Echo Park arrived while I was gone. We are always looking for good boy paper and this one hits the spot.  

This Week's Classes

I Carry Your Heart
Thurs., Jan. 26th


Valentine's Cone
Sat., Jan 28th
Ann- Denise

Call the store at 405 848-2389 to reserve your class seat

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February 23rd Paper Doll Class

Some of you are true paper doll fans- or maybe it's Jackie, or quite possibly both- because about half a dozen of you signed up before the class sample was completed. For those of you wanting to see what you are creating on the 23rd, here they are. These two chicks are from Catherine Moore's new collection, Bee Keeper's Tea. If you have wanted to take a paper doll class this is a great opportunity. I promise you will be hooked. The class is a little over half full so call soon to reserve your class seat.  This class will be Thursday, February 23rd from 5:30-8:30.

Still a few spots open in the spool class tomorrow, Thursday, January 19th at 5:30.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love is in the Air

 St. Valentine's Cone
Saturday, January 28th
Ann- Denise

This little lovely is so precious you can stuff with your favorite chocolates, or sweet little cookies. I guarantee whomever you give this St. Valentine cone too they will be so delighted. It measures at approx. 8 inches and is decorated with red velvet and embellished sundries of sorts. All supplies included as well a pattern for future use.

All you will need is a good pair of scissors and your trusty glue gun and anything personal you may want to include. As an added surprise, you will also learn to make tinsel bows to keep tucked away in your cone when not in use!

Please join Ann-Denise in making this vintage style lovely!

Don't forget our Valentine's Paper Doll swap !
It will be fun, get us in the mood for "love", and you only have to make one! All we ask is that you create one Valentine's paper doll- whether using Character Construction stamps (what a great reason to buy a new stamp) or any other, dress her or him in St. Valentine's finery and turn in to the store by Saturday, Feb. 11th and your " sweet swap" can be picked up on Monday, February 13th. If you need a doll form, stamped copies can be picked up at the store for free. This is a great way to hear from some of our out-of town friends; just stick a doll in the mail. The cost is free and the most stunning doll will receive a Paper Crown gift certificate.

Friday, January 13, 2012

5th Surprise of the Week

Actually we have one more surprise that came in today so I will add an extra treat on Saturday to our week of surprises.
Doodlebug sweet cakes line arrived. Doodlebug paper is always bright and cheery and just makes you smile! this line has tons of embellishments and a large selection of cards and envelopes so you can create your own valentines.

They Are Here!!!! 
We have the complete, at least as of 5:30 Fri. pm, collection of Catherine Moore's new line, Beekeeper's Tea. If you are a fan of Character Construction stamps I would plan a trip tomorrow. A few are already dangerously low. You will love them and there are lots of paper doll possibilities. I also got in lots of legs- that sounds funny!

Have a great evening and stay warm 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Valentine's Treats

Valentine's Canvas
Thurs., Feb. 2

 I Carry Your Heart
Thurs., Jan. 26

Valentine's Envelope Book
Sat., Feb 11th

If you haven't had the opportunity to take a class at Paper Crown you are missing out on a fun evening- 2012 is a great time to try one- and get hooked!

Have a great evening; I'm having a wonderful Jackie treat!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Wonderful Surprise From A Friend to the North- Far North

What a wonderful surprise we have in store for you girls today. This has been in the works for a week or two and I am so very pleased to announce that Colette Copeland will be at Paper Crown in May to teach four of her unique and charming classes.

Many of you who have attended Silver Bella know Colette from her class in Omaha but now the rest of us will get the pleasure.

Colette is a  full-time mixed media artist, writer, teacher, and a frequent contributor to the Stampington & Company group of magazines and designer of a rubber stamp line called Carved By Hand for Stampington. She has taught at Silver Bella (2010) and locally in Toronto, where she lives. She has lived and traveled in the U.S., but this is her first visit to Oklahoma, and she is really looking forward to it.

One of Colette's classes will be this adorable fabric cottage

Colette will share her passion for birds in this paper collage class

Fabric Cottage Class
Friday, May 4


Saturday, May 5

Paper Bird Collage
Friday, May 4


Saturday, May 5

Class supplies are included in cost. I know you all won't want to miss taking a class or two from Paper Crown's 1st international teacher- we are big time girls. Call the store to register, 405 848-2389.

Two of Paper Crown's very favorites- you won't want to miss out!  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Surprise-it'll have you "stamping" at the bit

OK, OK, I know the title was WAY corny but 5 posts in 5 days, that's a lot for this girl. Be warned, I think they might get even worse.

Today's surprise made my Monday! Catherine Moore of Character Construction, released her 2012 stamp line yesterday, Bee Keeper's Tea. Every year I think she has out done herself but I really think this line is wonderful. Lots of paper doll options along with an adorable curio cabinet and the cutest little swarm of bees. This line will give us lots of options from spring through summer.

Even better, a complete line of these stamps plus a shipment of assorted "legs" are on there way to OKC and I bet will be here by the end of the week! You are going to love these I promise.

True to form, each time I place an order with Catherine I ask, however now it's kinda gotten to that whiny please, please, PLEASE my kids do, if she would come to OKC and teach a class. Much to my delight she said she was actually thinking about it- yippee skippy girls this might be our lucky year. Keep your fingers crossed!

So until we get to meet Ms. Moore in person,  we will have to settle for her wonderful creations! Feel free to call to see if they are in, I'm betting on Friday.

Still a couple of seats left in Jackie's Valentine Martini class this Thursday, Jan. 12 at 5:30. Glass can be purchased at Micheal's , Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Call the store to reserve you spot.

Tomorrow's surprise proves the most wonderful things are found in petite packages!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Surprise Each Day This Week!

We have been cooking up all kinds of surprises for this year and especially the upcoming months. I realized yesterday that we have so many treats in store that I could highlight one each weekday this week. SO for our first surprise of the week....

In honor of Valentine's Day, a girl's favorite holiday, we will be hosting a Valentine's paper doll swap. You can make a Valentine's paper doll of your own design or we will have the stamped heads from a Character Construction (clue for upcoming surprise) doll you can pick up at the store and decorate. All we ask is you decorate your doll for February 14th. 

To make this a little more exciting, we will give a $50.00 Paper Crown gift certificate to our most festive paper doll. What a sweet Valentine's treat!

I know we have many blog followers from out of town so we thought this might be a way to include you in the fun. The doll can be easily put in an envelope and mailed to the store. We would love to see the creativity from ALL of our followers and not just those in town. If one of our out of town followers wins, you can use your gift certificate to shop from the blog until the website store is open (hint #2).

Stamped doll forms can be picked up at the store today and we will need your completed doll at the store by Friday, February 10th so that any dolls that need to mailed can be at the post office first thing Monday morning the 13th.

I think is will be a fun way to get our creativity flowing and you just have to do one doll- it's a piece of cake!

We are hoping for a big turnout so pls leave a comment if this sounds like fun!

Tomorrows surprise will be tres fantastique! (hint hint) 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lookin' a Little Rosey

All of the Christmas is not even put away but the hearts, flowers and pink are arriving ! Most of the Valentine's collections are here and out for display. They are cheery and bright and so fitting for this wonderful weather we have had this week.

It's all oh so pretty and ready for your Valentine's projects.

Also the first round of classes went out this week so if you missed it, just go back a couple of postings- you will want to get in on these wonderful Valentine's treats.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Round of Classes for 2012

Let's start off the new year with something sweet!

Valentine's Candy Dish
Thursday, Jan. 12th

Valentine's Spool
Thurs., Jan 19th

I Carry Your Heart
Thurs., Jan 26th

 Valentine's Basic Technique Board
Thurs., Feb 9th

This Valentine's treat has a little bit of everything and is a sweet way to get your crafting skills up to speed

Valentine's Envelope Book
Sat., Feb. 11th

Sample coming soon! 

Paper Doll Class
Thurs., Feb. 23rd

We don't have a sample because the new Character Construction stamps won't ship until next week but the previews are amazing. It's a great year for paper dolls- lots of fun options. 

More classes to come but we wanted to get the first round out.

For all classes please bring your basic kit which includes: small detail and large scissors, glue stick, favorite wet adhesive, colored pencils (especially for paper dolls), ruler, pencil and glue gun. 

Although it seems unnecessary on such a beautiful day, our weather cancellation policy is if the OKCPS are closed for the day we will be also. If a storm is coming in late afternoon or early evening, we will decide on class by 3. Please leave a current phone number when you register for class in case we need to cancel due to weather. 

Call the store at 848-2389 to register for class.  Credit card number is required at the time of registration. Any class cancellations within 48 hours of the class will be charged and a kit can be picked up.

Junk in our Trunk

Currently, the front of the store is a little bare- Christmas is gone, Valentine's goodies not quite here (hopefully today), it's just a little flat.

The front is a little boring,  kinda that after Christmas sad

But oh the junk in our trunk- or otherwise known as the backroom.
( I think the store is kinda like me- but that's another New Year's resolution : ) )

All 2011 Christmas is 75% off and there are two tables of last year's biggest hits at a huge discount- .10 a sheet. If you are up for a hunt come soon. The sale will only go until our first class of 2012, Thurs., Jan. 12th.

Lots of new goodies arriving soon including 4 Valentine's lines and new Character Construction stamps.

A new shipment of bracelets arrived so if that Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket come get some bling. We have the best selection and prices in OKC area.

New classes for Jan and Feb coming later today along with a few surprises I know you will love.

It's going to be a great -and busy-
2012 at Paper Crown!