Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shop Small- Stay Local

Today, Saturday November 30th is Small Business Saturday. It is a great time to prompt those businesses that are local. When you shop these stores, restaurants and even banks, your money stays in your community where you live and your children go to school. I encourage you to stay local today, we have so many wonderful choices in the OKC area and it is a perfect time to support your community. Shop small- Stay Local!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

I  hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving full of family and good food.
 I count all of you I have meet through
Paper Crown as one of my blessings!
Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!
Paper Crown will close on Wednesday at 3pm and reopen Friday at 10am

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Table

Just a few goodies we have at the store that will give your Thanksgiving table a new look...

Love these lanterns. I have a couple of styles at the store and have used them to decorate all over my house- dining table, foyer dresser, lining the stairs & coffee table. These are my current favorite decorating item-the possibilities are endless.

Another staple in my decorating is cake stands. I have a ton and use them often. The perfect solution if you need height and they also work great for cake  : )
Fall place cards by one of our favorite companies , or if you are feeling creative...

Wheat stamp by Tim Holtz would make a beautiful place card.


Fun craft for the kid's table- autumnal paper chain. An easy craft to give the kiddos something to do while you are busy I the kitchen 

Love these willow candle baskets, inexpensive and perfect for just a tea light at the dining table. The little bird baths have also made it to my table; they come in cream, patina green and gray.
The double willow milk bottle holders are perfect for flowers. A pretty bunch from Whole Foods would fill several holders and not break the bank. I love the harvest,  rustic look for a Thanksgiving table.

These cute fall sacks could hold a tag stating what each guest is thankful for.

Just a few last minute Thanksgiving ideas.

Paper Crown will close
on Wednesday at 3 pm
and reopen Friday at 10am.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Despite the Cold, Glitter Market Was a Hit

With all the sleet icy and cold north wind that blew in to OKC on Friday I was a little unsure about Glitter Market this year but check out these dedicated patrons who were braving the chill at least an hour and a half before we opened the doors. A special thank you to you crazy girls, you are what makes Glitter Market such a success - I hope rest of your day was warm and toasty.

We had a great group of vendors this year and as always, a fantastic and loyal group of Glitter Market customers who are so very supportive of our artists. Vendors this year were..

Medeah and Peggy


Robin, wish I had recorded your Soul Train dance

Charlotte, love this pic. 

Darling Duo Susan & Janet

Yes, I had to take these vendor pics from Jackie's blog because I'm always running around like a crazy person the morning of Glitter Market and I didn't get a pic of Jackie and Kay from Saturday- sorry girls; (

Newbie Heather

And last but not least, Bobbie

Ladies thank you again for all the time, energy and help you put into Glitter Market. Your work is amazing and I'm so glad we have an opportunity to share with those outside of the store. Thank you also for all your help in planning, promoting, setting up and tearing down. There is no way it would be possible without your help. Thank you also to your families who have had to sacrifice and help for Glitter Market. It truly is a family affair. A special thank you also to Heather Ales. Heather has been busy creating for weeks and packed up the car very, very early Saturday am in Dallas only to have to turn around after she crossed the border due to poor road conditions. Thank you for trying Heather and we will see you next time.

Thank you to Cheri who was gracious enough to come help us out. I have to agree with Debbie, marriage and motherhood are definitely agreeing with you- you have NEVER looked prettier or happier. Cheri came back later in the afternoon with baby Grant but no pictures because I was too busy hogging him!
Thank you also to Linley for helping me run errands the morning of Market. You were a huge hit and as always it is so very good to see you!
I would say that despite old man Winter we had a wonderful Glitter Market and thank you again patrons, vendors and families for ALL your help and support. I am thankful for each and every one of you!  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Glitter Market Previe- Bobbie Sanders

Yes, we are still on for tomorrow! This crazy weather is not going to put a damper on Glitter Market. It is all decorated and Jackie and Susan were setting up when I just left. Please bundle up in the morning and we will have coffee, hot chocolate and cider waiting to warm all you die hard shoppers.

Do you recognize who today's vendor is? It is veteran Glitter Market vendor and Paper Crown instructor Bobbie Sanders. I met Bobbie a few years ago through a mutual friend, Linda Land (we will miss you tomorrow!) Linda said I have a friend who is a great instructor and you need to meet her and boy was she right!

Bobbie has been busy this week and all you shopper will be the beneficiary!
 You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
this Saturday, Nov., 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Glitter Market Preview- Heather Sleightholm

Today I get to introduce you to a new artist at Glitter Market. I was introduced to Heather by a mutual friend and fellow Glitter Market artist, Robin Thomas. Heather is a folk artist living outside of Tulsa. The nasty weather predicted for Friday and Saturday is NOT a very welcoming show but hopefully once Heather arrives, she will forget that cold, blustery drive.

Heather will be bringing original prints, postcards and hopefully her adorable holiday dolls. Make sure and visit Heather's table and welcome her to Paper Crown's Glitter Market. You can view more of Heather's work at

You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
this Saturday, Nov., 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Glitter Market Preview- Nicole Kohmescher

Don't these hand made leather journals just look heavenly. That soft worn leather and all those blank pages just begging for your creations or thoughts. You are in luck because one of our veteran Glitter Market vendors, Nicole Kohmescher will have these journals for you to purchase this Saturday.
Nicole has been concentrating lately on journals and these are exquisite!

Just one more thing I know you will love at Paper Crown's Glitter Market!
You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
this Saturday, Nov., 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Glitter Market Preview- Charlotte Perez

One of our most favorite gals and another Glitter Market veteran is Charlotte Perez. Charlotte lives in Dallas but is gracious enough to make the drive for Glitter Market. She is a bundle of energy, laughs, spunk and talent.

I have had so many Glitter Market shoppers ask if Charlotte will be here this year and I can happily say " heck, yes!" Her jewelry is beautiful and I never, ever wear one of her necklaces with out getting at least 3 compliments. If you have never met Charlotte or seen her art you are in for a huge treat!

I want all 3!!!!

You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
this Saturday, Nov., 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania

Monday, November 18, 2013

Most Wonderful Time of Year- GLITTER MARKET!!!

Just a few short days ladies and it will be our most wonderful time of year- Glitter Market. Set your alarms because you won't want to be late. Glitter Market is this Saturday, November 23rd from 10-4.
We found out last week our home for Glitter Market will be the former CC's Children's Store, just down the sidewalk in between No Regrets and Consortium. You won't be able to miss it because it's so very---bright. It was a children's store so lots of turquoise, pink and violet not exactly our typical Paper Crown Glitter market palette but a challenge for me to decorate.

I will be featuring our Glitter Market vendors all week so stay on top of the blog this week.
Our first vendor is GM veteran and Paper Crown mixed media instructor- Medeah Kitsmiller. I know Medeah so hopefully she won't mind me saying she is typically a last minute kinda girl. I'm fairly certain she has stayed up creating the night before GM in the past. Not this year, Medeah has been busy which is great, we won't have as many disappointed customers. Here is just a sample of what Medeah will be offering.

You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
Saturday, November 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City, OK

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Love of Santos

Since I got my very first Santos from Curious Sofa years ago, I have loved them. We sell a few of my favorites at Paper Crown and I am always on the lookout for new ones. Last night Jackie took one of my loves and turned it into a beautiful holiday class.
Like a few of you, I waited too long to sign up and it was full!

It is always best to Create with a friend!

It was so nice to see the back room full of activity and full of friends. I have a great job and am lucky enough to be surrounded by creative people every single day! I didn't get a picture of the crafting warriors, Lisa, Debbie, Kim and Gail, they were busy doing a different class Thurs.- Sat and knowing Lisa, she will be at it Sunday as well.  Gail came all the way from CA to have a girl's art weekend.
If you missed out last night you still can make Holly's Ship of Dreams class this Sunday, Nov. 17th from 1:30-4:30. Cost is $40 and it is beautiful! I learned my lesson, I will be there!
A special thank you to one of my favorite peeps, Miss Shelly Overholt. She is a guest artist on Art Saves, a subset of Jenny Doh's blog.  Shelly has been sweet enough to share some of her favorite Okie artists and shops, including Paper Crown. Thanks for the kind words Shelly, we are so glad you are one of our peeps!   

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Topsy Turvy

For a couple of weeks the store has been a little disheveled- to say the least. It's was time to move left to right, front to back ,up to down and any other combination I could think of. Also there were all those tables in the back with holiday treats. After a big mess it is almost back in place, so if you haven't been to the store in a week or two, stop by it's a whole new store.

Love this babies first Christmas ornament. It is by the talented Debbie & Shea of The Gilded Life

 We have had these Lovely B bracelets and earrings for over a year but I heard a certain whimsical store in Classen Curve just got a shipment- I bet our price is better. Paper Crown is such a trend setter : )
Love this circle die cut paper from Pink Paislee

Huge shipment from one of our favorite companies

Crate Papers new close Knit is perfect for your Thanksgiving pictures

We are a huge fan of Rifle Paper

Happy Color

Large shipment of bottle brush trees for all your holiday projects

Enjoy your Thursday