Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glitter Galore

A few more pictures from last weekend's Glitter Market.

Beautiful paper bead necklaces which help the women in Africa
Oh la la miss Charlotte!
Knitted snuggles from Robin
Beautiful jewelry from Holly

Handmade journals by Nicole
Works of art by Bobbie and Linda

Our youngest shopper Miss Delaney


Than you again to our devoted fans who got out early on this chilly morning to shop the most creative and unique artworks. You inspire us and we appreciate your support!
Thank you once again to all the talented vendors. You are each so unique and talented and I am blessed to call each of you friend. Bobbie, great job on the postcard; we have hit the big time, we now have a PR piece. Thank you Jackie and Tom for letting us use your tables and especially for loading and unloading them; they can get pretty heavy. Thanks Jackie for everything. The things you do for Glitter Market, Paper Crown and myself are too numerous to mention. I know I don't say it enough but I so appreciate YOU! Last but not least, thank you, thank you Cheri! You are still the best at the cash register and I know everything is in great hands when you are in charge. It was wonderful to have you back! ; )
Happy Halloween


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Class Run Down

It has been a little hectic around here lately so I just wanted to make sure everyone was current on classes we have scheduled for the next month or so. I think Ann-Denise and possibly a couple of others have a class or two up their sleeve and those will be posted soon. In the meantime, here is our run down-

Thankful Canvas
THIS Thurs., Nov. 1
Medeah, $45.00
Votes for Women
THIS Sat., Nov. 3rd
Bobbie, $45.00

French Inspired Painting
Sat., Nov. 10th
 Holly, $48.00
Snowman Canvas
Thurs., Nov. 15th
Medeah, $45.00
Snow Bird House
Sat., Nov. 17th
Bobbie, $45.00
Happy New Year's Hat
Sat., Dec. 8th
10- 1:30
Bobbie, $45.00 
Most samples are at the store if you need a closer look.
To sign up simply call Paper Crown with a credit card number to secure your seat.
We must have 48 hours notice to cancel a registration. If less than two days, you will be charged and the kit can be picked up folowing the class.  
From the class sign ups, you were inspired by our artists at Glitter Market.
 Come join us in creating your own "work of art." 

Glimpses of Glitter

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Arlene's scrumptious glitter & goodness cakes

Collette's textile and watercolor pieces. The bird on the right is happily hanging in my stairwell which has become my own gallery to the "Glitter Girls."
These booties are AMAZING. Someday I will have a little Christmas tree covered in them.
The darling on the end is also in my "gallery."
My one regret!

More pictures coming later. Hopefully if you weren't able to make it last weekend, it will just strengthen your resolve to attend the Spring Glitter Market.   

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Glitter Did Scatter.....

but it truly did not matter!

What a glorious Glitter Market we had on Saturday. The vendors were amazing and their art out of this world. As evidenced by the vast amount of merchandise that left the market after just one hour.
Ladies your creativity amazes us all and I truly don't think either coast or anyplace in the middle has a thing on you. Oklahoma is a quiet little treasure of talent and I think the word is spreading!

Our shoppers were dedicated, especially Beverly and Cindy who I believe were the first ones in line. However, I saw Brenda E circling the parking lot in the wee hours of the am and our favorite Glitter Market junkies- Brenda W, Donna Mc, Nancy & Glenda were not far behind!   Thank you to everyone who came out to help support our local talent and the store. Without you there would not be a Glitter Market.

Thank you vendors for all the time you have spent creating, cooking, baking, pricing, packing, unpacking, displaying, selling, helping, sharing, giving, packing, cleaning, driving & traveling. There are a lot of verbs in that sentence - you all deserve a luxurious break!

I think we can once again count Glitter Market as a success and until the spring...

Pictures are coming tonight, I left my camera at home- ugh!

But one thing I did discover in my office this am...

My bag of Jill and Susan goodies for Austin. The cookies won't make it til this weekend and I'll just have one carmel...

P.S. Colette you are very sneaky, thank you & Mobin don't forget the sunscreen!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 1 and Counting....

I saved one of my favorite new friends for our final Glitter Market vendor. She is a creative genius- we have so very many talented people here in Oklahoma City- and a new teacher at Paper Crown.  She will be next to her friend Linda tomorrow and I know you will want to hit her table.

Bobbie Sanders


Day 2 and Counting...

Still a little off I realize but we are busy around here. I chose this very special lady for our day 2 vendor because she left her cozy home in the far, far- Canadian north- on Thursday to fly south to participate in Glitter Market. I think some of that blustery north air clung to the wings of her airplane because it is definitely autumn today.

This petite lady is very well known in the art circles ands you can almost always catch some of her art in the latest Somerset magazine. She also is an inspiring teacher and we were lucky enough to have her at Paper Crown this spring. We are so very glad to have one of our favorite ladies at  Glitter Market

Colette Copeland


Oh La La!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 3 sorta and Counting....

Ok we are off a bit but really what you want is the teaser so....

Day 3 vendors are veteran Glitter Market artist and teachers at Paper Crown. They are also good friends and have two of the cutest kiddos who frequently visit me at the shop. Their work is beautiful and I know you will want to hit their tables to pick up some treats.

Medeah Kitsmiller
No, this isn't Medeah but a picture of her darling daughter Chloe.

Medeah definitely has a talent for mixed media canvases and we are so happy to have her art at Glitter Market.
Our 2nd vendor for Day 3 is...
Nicole Kohmescher
Sorry no pictures of cute little Wicky but he is the cutest!

Nicole is an expert on construction and these handmade journals are pieces of art. I have been reading more and more about the benefits of journaling. If you don't presently why not pick up one of Nicole's beautiful journals and begin.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 4 and Counting.....

Only a few short days until Glitter Market. Jackie and I did some sweeping today and laid out our 14 vendor areas. We are growing girls! It is supposed to be chilly on Saturday am so the cozy spot will be just right- I'm not sure the heater is turned on in our vacant store.

I thought today would be the perfect day to highlight our vendor because it happens to be her BIRTHDAY! Happy Happy Birthday

Robin Thomas!

Robin and Charlotte at last year's Glitter Market

 My apologizes to Robin- at times my computer becomes possessed and no matter how many times I try to rotate a picture- it refuses. I'm sure it is operator error but this operator it about to cuss a blue streak .
 Robin has the most beautiful knitted accessories. I have several and always can find a reason for a new one each year. Her journals are heavenly and her dolls delightful.
I hope you have taken the day off to indulge in your hearts fancy Robin! Happy birthday friend! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 5 and Counting....

It's Monday! One entire work week and FIVE long days until Glitter Market- ugh! It is also kinda dreary out today and the store front where we are having Glitter Market is a mess! We need some fun, some sparkle, something that will make us smile and have this week magically fly by.

Today's vendor is just the ticket....

Charlotte Perez

 I met Charlotte a little over a year ago at the Gilded Life Art event in Dallas. She is unique, charming, funny and an amazing storyteller- a quality I am sadly lacking. She also has an abundance of spunk, a quality I love in a girl. I would have Charlotte come up just to be around her.  However in addition, she is an amazing artist.

Charlotte creates the most unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. I'm not a jewelry girl but even I could not resist. We are so very pleased that Charlotte is coming up from Dallas to share her talent with us okies.


You will not want to miss this booth or the opportunity to meet Miss Charlotte!