Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Across the Finish Line

In the spirit of the Olympics, the first 2012 Summer CHA vendor to cross the finish line is.....
Authentique! Yesterday we received 4 Authentique lines-  Lively- pink chartreuse and summery, Curiosity- school year, Enchanted- spooky Halloween and a Christmas line, which will not see the light of day at Paper Crown until September- Christmas should not be allowed out in any store until the temperature is below 100.

Tons of new stuff is on it's way but what will arrive next is any one's guess. The shopping will be fantastic in the next few weeks!

We got a little side tracked on our kits but here is today's

 Travel Journal kit 10
Circa 2006 or 2007

This one is an oldie but goodie. I have searched the store and can not find the sample but I know it was a hard cover ring book with envelope pages. All the goodies are here to create your own travel book. This will be a great time to draw on your own creativity. We have 3 kits available. First three to call are the lucky winners.   

More mail for Girdie. This time from one of my favorite places- Santa Fe. Becky was in Santa Fe and Durango, wish she could have brought home their weather. She even shopped at one of my favorite stores- Doodlet's which is across from my favorite restaurant- Pasquel's. It's where I had my first latte- it has been a very long love affair ever since!  

Try and stay cool- I think the high today is 109-or is it 111!  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Me

Here is Girdie with visions of exotic travel dancing above her head.
And here are  her " mini me's" that were created by this talented group of girls on Saturday.

These four ladies had a great time Saturday in Ann-Denise's Girdie workshop. Each mannequin was so very unique.

This beauty was created by Lisa

This pink girly by Lucy, who had never sewn before Saturday- great job Lucy!

These were created by mother daughter duo- Beth & Laura Beth.
They had some help from this little cutey

A little birdy told me Ann-Deise has a birthday on Wednesday!
 Happy, Happy  Birthday Ann-Denise!

Here are a few postcards Miss Girdie received last week...

Renee sent greetings from San Juan Islands in Washington

More wishes from Jill who was at my favorite beach, Destin; Michelle who was visiting Michigan and an old friend of Jackie's, Marilyn, from their home town of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Don't forget to send Miss Girdie a postcard of your summer travels. We have about a month left before we draw for a Paper Crown gift certificate.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Your Mission

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is a crown that incorporates a b-day, the ocean and the Olympics. Hmm...

I have actually crafted for two days in a row- amazing- Oh yea, I know remember why I bought the store :)

Wait til you see what the girls are doing today in Ann-Denise's class- absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy the weekend and stay cool!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

End of Summer Classes

We are wrapping up the summer classes and anxiously awaiting all the fun opportunities for fall and the holidays. Typically summer is a little slower around here - vacations, slower pace and all that heat!

However we do have a couple of options still available if you need a little fix of creativity to get you through til Fall.

Mystery Class

Unfortunately this class is full so if you are one of the lucky few count your lucky stars and don't forget  your basic kit ( scissors, adhesive, pencil) , and if you have cropadile, ink pads, sandpaper, corner rounder and dog pictures. If you don't have dog pictures,  I have a feeling a certain fluffy blond thing would love to pose for a picture or two.   

Not Too Late!

Miniature Girdie Play Date Workshop

Saturday, July 28th
Ann-Denise Anderson, $65.00

Let’s get a little vintage and a little Girdie!
This workshop is all about textiles and executing your own personal
Style to the fullest! Dressing Girdie Romantic or whimsical, the choice is all yours!
The Muslin dress form will be approx 15 1/2 inches tall and supported on a wooden base and constructed by you entirely.
Let’s all come together for this wonderful workshop and create!!
All Supplies and tools provided!
Floral Painting Class
Thurs., Aug. 16th
Cindy, $50
You won't want to miss these last crafting opportunities of the summer!
Call Paper Crown to reserve your spot, 848-2389

Painting With the Masters

Last week was Kid's Camp at Paper Crown. In the past we have had a lesson entitled "Painting with the Masters" where we study the styles of a couple great artists and then create using their technique. After last week I decided that every Kid's Camp is painting with the masters, and these talented kiddos are the masters!

I'm always blown away by their creations and so inspired after I see what they have created. Last week we had three main projects- a shared floral, a glitzed up Kandinsky and my new favorite, batik fish kites.

The kiddos took a piece of muslin and some glue and traced a fish pattern. Then they filled it in with acrylic paint...
a vigorous washing and a tiny bit of sewing and voila....

  A beautiful Japanese fish kite.

A standard at Kid's Camp because I have never had one that has not been fabulous- floral painting.
I try to vary it a little each summer and this year we did a cooperative painting. Each student painted their canvas black. They then came up with two "signature flowers" that were unique to them. They painted those two flowers on their canvas and then everyone passed their canvas to the right and painted on their neighbor's canvas.

Then painted the vases, added leaves and some greenery, and a background color if desired. Since it's Paper Crown we did have to add a touch of glitter and they were complete. The results were stunning; I could not have been more pleased.

Our third project was another favorite but with a twist. We have done Kandinsky's circles in the past and it also always turns out beautiful but it is a lot of coloring with pastels so this year we cut it down to just three circles. The girls drew their circle pattern, painted it with acrylics and then some added the special Paper Crown touch- glitter. Some did a little and some did absolutely everything (circles, frame, themselves, me, the store) but they were all gorgeous!

Here are some of our happy campers with their art...

We had 10 campers and it was a blast- we still have some lingering glitter to prove it! Thanks girls you each did a fantastic job and as usual, I know I learned more from you than you did me!

If you weren't able to make this session, we have one more session of Kid's Camp in August on the 6-9 from either 9:30-12:30 or 2-5. Simply call the store at 848-2389 to register.  

Adult Floral Class
Thurs., Aug 16th

Sad that you aren't a kiddo and couldn't come to kid's camp? We will be doing an adult floral class on Aug. 16th from 5:30-8:30. It will be done just like the kids so there is no excuse- YOU CAN paint- I promise. Ladies don't be stood up by an 8 year old. It will be fun and you can even bring a glass of wine if that will help you get over the painting jitters.  Call the store to register, 848-2389.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hope You Didn't Miss It

These guys didn't. And neither did these....

Hopefully you were able to make it also. Thanks to everyone who came last night to our Mix and Mingle. We pulled out our Glimmer Mist and spritzed our way to create tags in honor of the Olympics starting this Friday. There was also some serious shopping and some tasty treats compliments of Whole Foods- one of those days I just couldn't get it all done. It was a fun evening and thanks again to everyone who joined us. A special thanks to Miss Jackie for organizing and teaching our craft- What would I do without you!

Girdie is still keeping our postman very busy. These are just a few of the postcards she has received lately.

This lovely is from Franc, who is spending the summer in her backyard with her pink flamingos- hopefully she got rid of those nasty bees that used to be in her backyard. It may not be far but I know it is Fun!

Colette sent us this beautiful postcard from her trip to Wales. We can't wait to see you in October Miss Colette.

Brenda has been traveling the country this summer and her last stop was the golden arch of St. Louis for a dance competition.

We love getting postcards and have been overwhelmed by the response. Keep them coming, each card will enter your name in a drawing for a Paper Crown gift certificate at the end of the summer.

Yesterday was a great day- I got to see friends old and new at the store, Katie and Hutton worked most of the day so I could have a break, I finally got to see Payne, who seems to have been gone all summer- I miss you bud, Austin gave in to Hutton's pleas and stayed over an extra day- it was like being a regular married couple but the highlight was the adoption of the "Thanksgiving baby" by my dearest friend Kathryn and Brown.

"Brownie Joe" is now Joseph Brown Douglas. What a lucky little guy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mix and Mingle Tonight

Just a quick reminder Mix and Mingle tonight from 6-8pm. Come join us for a new crafting technique, some tasty treats, time with friends, shopping at a 20% discount, and a free craft. what better way to spend a Monday night.

You can also get a peek at what we did last week in kid's camp and our classes coming up this Thursday and Saturday!

See You Later 

Friday, July 13, 2012


Guess who has been napping most of the day after her adventurous evening. Jackie was very sweet in her post, Lexie wasn't a little wild but crazy ribbon wrapped banshee puppy wild. I can see it now- Emory will be excited for Jackie's classes because of the treats and Lexi because she is the center of attention and can get away with acting a fool- puppy fool. Thanks to everyone who put up with my newest little mess last night- you are troopers.

It was great to see Cheri  in class and Franc dropped by also- girls please don't be a stranger.

Sorry no kit today. I need to hunt down a couple of samples but I promise to have a new kit on Monday.

Here are some new items in the store....

Fun new line from Basic Grey " clippings" Very vintage, very neutral the possibilities are endless.

A little reading material for the pool or AC - new Somerset

Reminder 1st session of Kid's Camp begins this coming Monday - a couple of spots are still available.

Coming soon- beginning date for our altered book round robin and Fall Glitter Market!

Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This & That

Greetings from West Texas! No I'm not there but I have been to " God's country" as prince charming refers to Abilene. Although it wasn't the prettiest place,  two of the very nicest and dearest people I know are from Abilene- Kay Tanger, who sent Girdie this wild west postcard, and my hubby, Austin. Bolene is a pretty swell place!

Kit no. 9
Recipe of Me Book
Jackie- summer 2010
This was a POPULAR class so I think this gem will be gone quickly- sorry I only have one kit left
First to call is the lucky duck

New Items this week.....

Also just in today- new Basic Grey "Clippings"
Pictures to come tomorrow

Tonight is Jackie's Travel Journal and look who will be there

Jackie and I have been trying to rotate and it won't work!