Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Special Treat

 I promised a special treat so hang on to your hats cowgirls! KC Willis will be teaching a one day studio retreat at the Paper Crown on Saturday, Sept. 24th from 10-4.  We are so very lucky to have such a talented and widely respected artist at our store. KC is an amazing mixed media artist and will share all her techniques and tricks on how to combine aged photos, fabric and paper to create a mutli-layered masterpiece. You can learn more about KC's work and the class at Paper Crown on her To register for class you will need to go directly to KC's website, we will not be able to register you at Paper Crown.

Thanks to all our friends who showed up Tuesday night for the 1st Mix and Mingle of the summer. Unfortunately, I was so busy up front that I didn't get to take any pictures. Guess that was great for our customers and myself but not so great for the blog ; (  If you couldn't make this months Mix and Mingle don't despair; we will have them monthly throughout the summer. The July date will be announced shortly! Thanks Jackie for a wonderful craft it sounded like everyone was having a great time and we always love your creative inspiration.

Off to get ready for Kids Camp this afternoon- say a little prayer- we have a full house!  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Join us Tonight

Don't forget to join us tonight for Mix and Mingle from 6-8. We have lots of new goodies for you to snatch up with a 20% discount, a yummy treat from the newest Where Women Cook and a festive 4th of July craft. I think the rain is over so please join us for an evening of fun!

For those of you wanting to do some 4th of July creating, Ann-Denise has a wonderful tutorial for a 4th of July star. You can check out her project on her website,

Check out our blog tomorrow for a very special class being held at Paper Crown in the fall. This will be a once in a life time opportunity for you OKC girls and I know you won't want to miss! How was that for a little tease!

I hope to see many of you tonight!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mix 'n Mingle Tomorrow

Come join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th from 6-8 pm  for the summer's first Mix and Mingle. You can make a festive 4th of July decoration (for free), snack on some yummy treats and shop til your heart's content- at 20% off total purchase. Last year some months had a HUGE crowd so plan accordingly. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your crafting buddies and stock up on some new goodies. Sale only applies from the hours of 6-8 pm. We look forward to seeing ! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mix and Mingle

We had such a great time last summer that we decided to make "Mix and Mingle" our annual summer event. The 2011 " Mix and Mingle" season will kick off this coming Tuesday evening, June 28th from 6-8 pm. "Mix and Mingle"  is a fun summer treat for our customers. You can shop for a couple of hours with a 20% discount, enjoy some yummy treats and create a fun 4th of July decoration - for free! It was a huge hit last summer so I know you won't want to miss!

Going Going Gone!

There is one spot left in next week's mini session of  kid's camp. Camp is Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, June 29th and 30th from 1-4 pm. Cost is $75.00. Call the store, 848-2389 to reserve your camper's spot. 

Arriving this week- Odds & Ends from Cosmo Cricket

How can you not love all these brightly colored bracelets- they just look like summer!
Bracelets are $10.00 each or 3 for $27.00

 Kandinsky Class
rescheduled to
Wednesday, July 13th

Birds of a Feather
Thurs., July 14th

Call the store to reserve your spot in either of these classes.

Don't forget Mix & Mingle!

Friday, June 17, 2011


For weeks Katie has been telling me to get new beaded bracelets. Funny at 19 she still believes, actually  feels even more passionately, that I have a grove of money trees in the backyard (do I sound like my parents or what). Today her wish came true and 400 new bright summery bracelets arrived at the store. They are beautiful and look like a delicious bowl of Neapolitan ice cream! yum yum!  Come get them while the picking is still good. The bracelets from Nepal would make a fun little gift to stick in a care package from home.

Also arriving today, another new Basic Grey line, Out of Print.   Very fun and almost every sheet has some type of newsprint.  Forecast for tomorrow is "sweating hot" as Em said so swing by the store to cool off and take a gander at all the new pretties! If you are from out of town don't worry, we would be happy to ship anything you see on the blog just give us a buzz.  Stay cool!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A True Romantic

What a hot and oh so slow day. On more than one occasion today I have wondered what the heck am I doing here. Retail is pretty slow in the summer- some days very slow- today was one of those days but...
in walked a new friend and I was glad I was here.

I can't tell you much about this new friend; he is currently involved in a top secret mission and I'm glad to say Paper Crown is playing an oh so small part in something HUGE! This young male has been in a couple of times over the past few weeks buying paper, stickers and ribbon- basically girl stuff. When we get guys in here they are usually lost, buying a gift certificate or under the age of 8 and forced to come with mom. This fellow was none of the above. My curiosity got the better of me and I finally asked what he was working on. " A scrapbook for my girlfriend ," he replied with a twinkle. " It has pictures of both of us when we were young and then pictures since we have been dating and a few blank pages to be filled later."  I thought I knew what those blank pages were for but of course I had to ask to make sure. Our mystery man is proposing on about page 20 and the last few pages are for the celebration  following the question popping and the wedding.

It was just too sweet. We have been watching this guy circle the store for weeks picking out the perfect paper for the big day. Today was just a few last minute items to perfect his book. He then told me how he was going to give her the book- after probably the longest meal he has ever had and a stroll to a private gazebo. This boy has been planning a lot- I mean really a lot! You should have seen his grin- big as Dallas!

He promised to call next week to tell me how it went and to bring by the book- fat chance, his fiance isn't going to let go of that book- ever! What a great job I have!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kids Camp

Finally I have nailed down some dates for Paper Crown's Kid's Camp. For the past 2, or has it actually been 3 summers we have offered a 4 day Kids Camp where we create and have a great time. No sense in limiting the fun to just adults!

We will have a mini 2 day camp Thurs., June 29th & Fri., June 30th from 1:30- 4:30. Cost of mini camp is $75. All of your supplies are included and a snack will be provided.

We will then be offering a 4 day Kids Camp in July and August. Each month there will be a morning session and an afternoon session. The projects for the morning and afternoon will be the same- basically it gives you a choice if your kiddo wants to sleep in or would rather hit the pool in the heat of the day. However the projects for the July camp will differ from those for the August camp.  The cost of the 4 day camp is $200 and includes all supplies and snacks.

July Kids Camp - 7/18-7/21 session 1 9:30-12:30
July Kids Camp- 7/18-7/21 session 2  2:00-5:00

August Kids Camp- 8/1-8/4 session 3 9:30-12:30
August Kids Camp- 8/1- 8/4 session 4 2:00-5:00

 The projects we do for each session will be dictated by our class make up- typically the boys aren't so into flowers and jewelry making but I guarantee you and your child will love it! We do projects from several medias so there is a variety to the projects to suit each kiddos likes.  In the mini camp we will create one large project and then a smaller project. Typically in the four day camp we do 2 large projects and a smaller one. Usually projects will be taken home on the last day of camp but on occasion then need some extra drying time or a little tweaking.

Hopefully one of these dates will work with your kiddo- we have a great time and they are very popular. If these dates don't work don't despair, we hold monthly Kid's Camps on Sunday afternoons during the school year!

To sign up for Kids Camp call the store at 848-2389

Here are some pictures of past Kid's Camp projects:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beat the Heat

The predictions for this week are HOT!!! What better way to beat the summer heat than a duo of fun weekend classes taught by one of our favorite gals south of the Red River, Ann-Denise.  Ann-Denise and her adorable family will be headed north on Saturday to give us a crafty fix. 

First, Ann-Denise will be teaching.... 

Crepe Paper 101
Sat., June 18th

Come learn from the master! In this workshop you will learn all sorts of tricks of the trade and all the special techniques associated with crepe paper. all crepe paper will be provided. If students have a sewing machine please bring to class, otherwise a machine will be available. Students are responsible for scissors and glue gun. the possibilities are endless for this class; this is a basic class you won't want to miss!

and for an encore...

Crepe Paper and Felt Dollies
Sat., June 18th

After you have mastered the crepe paper basics, take your new skills and combine it with felt to make these oh so cute dollies. What a precious gift for your granddaughter or special favor for a little girl's b-day. The possibilities are endless and like all of Ann-Denise's creations, each one will unique. Textiles have become the newest crafting trend so if you haven't tried it yet come give it a shot and combine it with your love of paper. You won't want to miss this class! Wouldn't she be cute dressed for the 4th!

Call the store to reserve your spot, 848-2389

Put on your calendars-
Mix & Mingle
Tuesday, June 28th
6-8 p.m.
Join us for a free craft, yummy snacks and a generous discount!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Upcoming Events

Thought it might be a good idea to give you a quick run down of the Paper Crown activities and events for June and July. Hopefully there will be a couple more but for now....

 Sat., June 11th
Nature Study Book- Nicole

Although there is a full house,  we do still have one opening for this beautiful bird journal class. It is early enough in the day that you can come create and still have time for your Sat. chores and errands- besides it is air conditioned here! 

 Crepe Paper 101
 Sat., June 18th
Ann- Denise

Come learn from the master (really she is known as the crepe paper queen in the art circles!) In this workshop you will learn all sorts of tricks of the trade and all the special techniques associated with crepe paper. This will be an excellent technique class and one that will benefit so many of your projects.

4th of July Fun
Sat., June 18th

As many of you know Ann-Denise drives up from Ft. Worth to teach and therefore like to make the most of her trip. She will be teaching a second 4th of July class on Saturday but I don't know it will be. we have both had crazy schedules these past few weeks and she is currently at Paper Cowgirl Art Event in TX. I will call her first thing Monday morning to get the skinny on this patriotic class- I'll keep you posted.

Kandinsky Paper Quilt
Wed., June 29th

I'm off this weekend so the sample will be at the store on Monday but think of this as famous Russian artist creates a quilt out of paper. I have always loved Kandinsky's circle painting because of the vibrant colors and simplicity. When we got in the Basic Grey Hello Luscious line I decided to combine the two to create my own work of art. This will be an easy class where we are basically "piecing" together our picture with paper. It looks wonderful in my head- let's hope it looks just as good in real life. Sample will be at the store on Monday June 13th.

She Sells Seashells
Thurs., June 30th

O.K. girls this is Jackie's last class before her summer vacation so if you think you will be needing a little fix to get you through til mid/ late August you better act fast. This project features one of Catherine Moore's new mermaid stamps and will get you in the mood for the beach.

Birds of a Feather
Thurs., July14th

Medeah is quickly becoming our resident expert on mixed media canvases. This sweet bird will not only be fun to make but think of all the techniques and tips you will learn. If you haven't taken a class from Medeah you are missing out.

Summer Bouquet
Thurs., July 21st

This large canvas will feature an urn full of the luscious paper flowers. I have done this project before it bright hues but after my trip to "Gilded Life, "I'm inspired to try the project in more neutral tones. This would be a great project to use all those bits and pieces of vintage jewelry.  Sample will be at the store soon. 

Floral Shadowbox
Thurs., Aug. 4th 

This sweet shadow box is a great way to celebrate the wonderful flowers that come with summer as opposed to those dog days of summer that will more than likely be occurring while this class in taking place. This project is a little Tim Holtz , a little 7 Gypsies and a whole lot of cute. 

Call Paper Crown, 405 848-2389, to reserve your spot 

Mix & Mingles 

It was so much fun last year we decided to bring this summer tradition back. During the summer months we will once again be having mix & mingles. The first mix & mingle is Tuesday, June 28th from 6-8. Come by the store during mix & mingle to make a fun free project, catch up with friends, grab a delicious snack and shop for 2 hours with a 20% discount. I can't think of anything better to do on a Tuesday night. Mark your calendars you won't want to miss!  

Thought I would leave you this hot afternoon with some more peeks of all the new goodies that have arrived at the store this week- Webster's Pages, Pink Paislee, Basic Grey and new Snug Hug- you gotta love that stuff! For all of you out of towners, until we get the on line store up and running, anything you see on the blog can be purchased simply by calling the store.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holy Guacamole

While I would love to share with you about my absolutely fabulous weekend at the Gilded Life event, I must instead share with you ALL the wonderful treats that came in while I was gone. I honestly don't think we have ever gotten so much in such a short time. So while I would love to daydream all afternoon about my "gilded life" at the Church- and yes for one entire evening I fantasized about buying the church and moving the store there- unfortunately the summer electric bill popped that dream in a hurry - I instead need to move and scrunch everything to make room for all the new. Y'all could help a ton by coming in and helping me clear off some space- I honestly don't think I have enough room. I would however have plenty of room at the church- can't go there.

Anyway quickly here is a sneak peek of what has come in since last Thursday-

First to arrive was Pink Paislee's Butterfly Garden and Daily Junque. Beautiful papers and such unique embellishments. My favorite is the chalkboard stickers.

Next came Basic Grey's Sweet Threads and Fort Lauderdale. I love the Sweet Threads and the Fort Lauderdale just screams the beach- a great reason to plan a beach vacation- you already have the paper!

Last but certainly not least and being unpacked and input while I type- Webster's Pages. I think we have 4 new lines with the best embellishments ever. I know you all are going to have to have at least one package of birds.

I'm counting on you to help a sister out- I need some room and it's much cooler at the store than the pool. You will love it I promise!  I promise to share my Gilded Life experience soon- it was amazing!