Friday, September 30, 2011


Last pics from KC's class on Tuesday.What a great time we had and I absolutely love everyone's collage.

" A gal has the right to be the center of attention"

I can't wait to have KC back in the store next spring. You won't want to miss it!

This post is just a hodge podge of items. I've tried this afternoon to think of a clever way to intertwine them but no such luck. So on to the next item-

Holiday classes are in the works but just not quite ready to be announced. If you could be patient for just a few more days I promise you won't be disappointed. In the meantime time for those of you wanting to get a head start on the holidays, the Christmas paper is out and it is wonderful.

Lots of goodies come get them while the gettin' is good!

Last but certainly not least-
ATC Halloween Swap!

Most of you know the routine. Come by the store and pick up your 10 cards. Decorate them however you choose- either all the same, each different, it is totally up to you, we just ask that they are spooky- Halloween themed. Return your completed cards to Paper Crown by Wed., Oct 19th and pick up 10 new cards on Sat., Oct. 22nd. It's better than trick or treating- no weight gain and it's free!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

 What an absolutely fabulously fun few days we have had at the store! Three fun classes with KC and everyone, and I mean everyone, including me took home a completed project. Monday the girls made a collage journal which was absolutely beautiful. They were all so very different but each an hierloom.

 Robin made a beautiful journal of well known Depression era photos. It was hauntingly beautiful and you just know those women are so very pleased at how Robin has honored their lives.

 Nicole and several others used family photos in their journals. I'm sure there will be a squabble over who gets "coffee table rights" to this piece of art!

 Sissy made a journal honoring "Great Gals I've Known" or something very close, I may have the wording off a bit but you get the idea. What a fabulous tribute to friendship. Sissy also served as KC's hostess this weekend and I so appreciate that. KC got a whiff of Em's football cleats last night and I'm sure she is grateful she didn't have to bunk across the hall from my lovable but smelly- at times- boys!

Our new friend Jacie who has been corresponding with KC for some time. It was fun to see them when they actually met for the first time.  

Kelly made a beautiful family journal

Debbie was lucky enough to take both classes from KC and created some beautiful pieces- best in show!

More KC pictures tomorrow of Tuesday's collage camp- it was a blast and I actually got to participate!  For those of you that took from KC this weekend and those of you that had to miss, you will be glad to know we are already talking about having KC back in the spring of 2012 but in the mean time....

  Potions & Spells Chest tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 29th from 5:30-8:30. Class cost is $55.00.

Witchie poo rattle this Saturday, October 1st from 10:30-4:00. Cost $90.00 for a ton of Ann- Denise creative fun!

Call the store at 848-2389 to reserve your spot.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rise & Shine Cowgirls

What a fabulous time we are having with KC Willis! KC is an amazing artist, inspirational speaker and just such a joy to have at the store. She is inspiring our local artists to try out the new and create from the heart with their own story.

KC's class on Saturday was a full house and all 10 artists left with amazing collages. Unfortunately the store was busy- actually that's a good thing, however, I wasn't able to spend much time in the back and didn't get a single photo. : 0  Thankfully Jackie got some great pics so head over to goodgriefgirdie.typepad for a real treat.

Today KC is teaching a book class and Tuesday will be a repeat of Saturday's Collage Camp. There are two spots open so if you have been thinking about it I strongly encourage you to" bite the bullet" so to speak, you won't regret it!

Additional class opportunities this week include Nicole's Potions & Spells Chest Thursday evening, September 29th from 5:30-8:30. Cost is $55.00 and it is such a steal for all the embellishments in this project. You won't want to miss this spooky class!

Saturday will be a blast with Ann-Denise's WitchiePoo paper clay rattle. If you haven't been able to take one of  Ann-Denise's paper clay classes you are missing out on such a fun day. In class you will mold your witch and then spend the day creating and embellishing your witch from Ann-Denise's famous trunk of goodies. All materials are included. Come spend the day with our favorite cowgirl south of the Red River! Class cost is $90.00

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a couple of spots

It's Your Lucky Day!

There are a couple of class seats that came open today for Jackie's Halloween Canvas class this Thursday, September 22nd at 5:30. The cost is $45.00 and these prized seats will go quickly so call soon!

Yee Haw You Girls are Really Lucky!

There are two spots open in KC Willis' classes on Monday, September 26th  and Tuesday, September 27th. Both classes begin at 10:15- I'll have the coffee brewing! It is a real treat to have a national recognized artist in the store and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Registration for KC's classes is at her website- www.

Ladies don't miss out on these wonderful classes - you will regret it!

I have to unexpectedly go out of town Tuesday and Wednesday this week so the store hours might be a little varied on those two days. I would like to thank Jill and Kathryn who help me out when I need a break or have an emergency- you all are the best! If you are headed to the store on Tuesday or Wednesday, especially in the afternoon, I would call ahead to make sure we are open. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Here are a few peeks at the new goodies-

 See ya'll Thursday! Have a great day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eye Candy

Presentation is everything, it sets the mood and can transport you to another place. I remember the first time I walked into a store and just went WOW! Nell Hill's , in Atchison, KS, I just wanted to stay forever looking at all the wonderful treasures. I remember thinking if I ever had a store I would want it to be just like that. It has been an inspiration to me and something I continually strive towards.

Yaks version of Gertie

 Well thanks to Ms. Jackie, I have another favorite- Tale of the Yak in Berkley, CA.  It is a magical  crazy quilt of the most wonderful treasures- luxurious ribbon, delicate jewelry, beautiful papers, and fanciful paper flowers, lanterns and garlands. The store itself was just beautiful- it even had a balcony.

There was actually a bird in this cage- what a lucky duck!

While Austin was in a very grown up conversation with the charming clerk about a film documentary about someone who had been unjustly imprisoned (or at least I think that's what they were discussing- it was Berkley you know) I was walking around this small quaint store drooling. 

There is a lady at the store that makes the most amazing treats from crepe paper. She calls them surprise balls and they are kinda like the little pinatas full of treats. The balls she had on display were swans and pomegranates. When the box arrives with my goodies I will share a picture with you. I honestly don't know how anyone could open it to see what's inside; the outside is a treat enough for me.

 So if you ever get to San Francisco I would recommend the quick drive north to Berkley. In addition  Castle in the Air is a fun store full of crafting possibilities. Unfortunately we pulled up 5 mins before they closed so I know I missed a lot.

Now for our piece of heaven-  it's not too late to sign up for Medeah's mixed media class tonight or Donna's Copic marker class on Saturday. Simply call the store to register.

After going to these gems I 'm feeling the need to step it up a bit at Paper Crown, let's see what I can come up with- maybe we need a bird : )

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

going going gone

It's taking a bit to get back in the groove and I realized there were a couple of fun classes available this week that you won't want to miss!

Copic Markers 101
Donna Layton
Sat, Sept 17th
1-4, $45

If you have ever taken from Donna you know that she is a true artist in many medias and always a wealth of practical useable information. I even learned two new applications for Copic markers this morning while talking to Donna. In this class you will learn everything you need to know about Copics and how to take your art to a new level. This is a class you will not want to miss!

Fall is in the Air
Thurs, Sept 15th
Medeah, $45

This is another class you won't want to miss. This autumn inspired mixed media canvas is perfect project for tomorrow's predicted cooler temps. Medeah also has a wealth of information that you can use on your project and then incorporate in future art projects. Not many spots left so don't be left out.  

Call the store at 848-2389 to reserve your class spot

Huge new shipment of beaded bracelets from Nepal- lots of neutral and rich fall colors

New ribbon and goodies from Webster's Pages

Color rubbings and paper from 7 Gypsies

Vintage Blue and Beautiful Dreamer from Glitz Designs

Adult Swim

At some point this summer, Austin and I decided it was definitely time for an adult swim. All through junior high, high school and college I worked at a neighborhood pool and I learned to love adult swim (at that time I wasn't even close to being an adult but that what we called it nevertheless.)  It was 15 mins on the hour where only " big people" could get in the pool- no Marco Polo, no throwing in the air, no just hanging on; it was 15 minutes of relaxing to get ready for what the next hour might bring.

Last week was our adult swim and boy was it nice. I really do love the store and  to say Austin loves the law is a gross understatement but we both were worn slick. So we got on a plane and headed to CA- kinda like the Klampetts.

First stop San Francisco. First you must notice two things about this picture- 1. I have on a sweater and 2.  there is a fire going. San Francisco is wonderful for lots of reasons- great food, trolley cars, diverse, you get a workout just walking around  -and up and down, architecture is beautiful, there's an Anthropologie but most of all, it's COOL!  It was down right nippy and I loved it!

We stayed at the Hotel Monaco in downtown. San Francisco is so unlike OKC. Here we want to open a new hotel so we just buy a piece of land, hire a contractor and in a few months you have a beautiful new hotel. In San Francisco there is no land, none it was taken a long time ago so you just take the little area you have and make it amazing. It's kinda like the store when we get in lots of goodies. It's just jam packed and you have things tucked in the smallest places- everywhere you look is some treasure.

Our room was eclectic and fun- bright colors, fum canopy, huge window seat, record player, and decorated in Alice and Wonderland and Jefferson Airplane. Kinda an odd mix but I think they even had a song about Alice so I guess it worked. While Austin was getting the world's largest bag  (more about that later) I decided to take a closer look at this decorating, especially the bunny painted on the wall-

Faintly to the left of Bugs you can see a signature- Gary S----, or maybe it's Grace Smell. Oh you ding dong it's Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane apparently she can sing and paint. Grace had painted all the pictures in the room.  Now all the room decor made perfect sense and we are in San Francisco and apparently our hotel had quite the colorful past.

Check out the guy on the mushroom, I don't think this illustration ever made it into a kid's book.  So began our adventure in California.

Fun window display at the florist next door.

More on our adult swim later, no more encounters with psychodelic rock bands from the past. For those of you wondering, I thought is was a paper arts blog it is and there were lots of boxes waiting when I got home including: Websters Pages, 7 Gypsies and Glitz and a huge shipment of beaded bracelets! Come see me

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Slowly but Surely

It has been a slow process this week but the store is getting back to normal. I just hate it when new customers come to the store when I'm in the middle of switching everything out; it just doesn't look it's best.

I almost have all the new merchandise out front and on display- at least through this am. There is one Glitz order floating out there somewhere between UT and OK. My goal is to get all the new merchandise out before the UPS guy arrives with new boxes. The race is on, can I bet UPS! 

Paper Crown will be closing tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 2 at noon. The boys and I are headed down to wacky Waco to cheers on the Bears and see Katie. Cheri will be at the store at 10 am on Saturday, Sept. 3 for all your last minute Labor Day crafting needs- a labor day project, that would definitely stretch your creative thinking!

I hope you all have a relaxing long weekend!