Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fall Classes & Events- October

My youngest moved into his college house yesterday, so mom duties called and my posting got a little sidetracked. I apologize for the delay!

However, I think you will think it’s worth the wait. We have a very full and fun October planned for you.

First Friday
October 5th

Sample and additional info. coming soon!

Mixed Media Canvas with Colorfly Studio
Sat., October 13th
Jen DeDonato of Colorfly Studio *

One fun perk of the move is discovering new local artists and then bugging them to death until they agree to teach. Lucky for me, Jen was already following the store and agreed to teach without much begging! I am crazy for all her bright colors and simplicity. I don’t know which I love more- the shoes, dogs or funky florals. You can check out Jen’s work on her Instagram account, colorflystudio. Sample will be here in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned- I know you are going to love it!
As some of you probably know, my neighbor puts on a pretty spectacular event every spring and fall called Silobration. I’ve heard lots of people flood our area of town to check out the outdoor street vendors, eat some pretty amazing food and take in an outdoor concert. Since many of you will be here anyway, we decided to add to the festivities and offer some pretty special classes and a petite Glitter Market. Maybe we will call the weekend of Thurs., Oct 18- Mon., Oct 22 a Glitterbration! 
gorgeous eyeglass cases from Nan Stitcher Extraordinaire
Petite Glitter Market
Thurs., Oct 18- Mon., Oct. 22
Glitter Market is our take on an artist’s fair. It will not be as large as our prior Glitter Markets but a great way to ease into our new home. I have asked a few of my very, very favorite Paper Crown artists, who all have taught at Paper Crown, to join me. All the items will be handmade and are some of my favorite treasures. 

It just wouldn’t be a Paper Crown event without a few classes and you are in for a treat. Noodle (Jenn McGlon of Noodle and Lou) and Doodle (Stephanie Ackerman) are teaming up that weekend for a couple of collaborative classes. You won't want to miss my favorite dynamic duo.

partial sample- Noodle's touch is coming soon!
A Cherry on Top
Pincushion and Pins
Thurs., Oct 18th
Noodle & Doodle, $55*
all supplies included, just bring an apron for painting if needed
Create a cupcake shaped pincushion using fabric scraps and a vintage tin. Top it all off by making a cherry from clay and super cute stick pins topped with tiny clay hearts.
Junk Journal with
Mixed and Stitched Cover & Badge
Fri., Oct. 19th
time to be announced
Noodle & Doodle, $ 65*
all supplies included except scissors and your favorite glue stick
Using vintage papers, wallpaper, flash cards, scrapbook papers and book pages we'll create a fun junk journal. We'll then make a fabric "mixed and stitched" cover and darling badge to top it off.
Watercolor Moth
Sat., Oct. 20nd
Angie, $45*
If you have wanted to try watercolors this is your perfect chance. Angie is a great teacher and I promise this will be a relaxing afternoon with a new friend.

sample coming soon!
Farmhouse Girl
Sun., Oct. 21st
Jenn of Noodle & Lou
These adorable dolls are Jenn's trademark. Jenn will lead you Sunday in creating your small " farmhouse inspired" wall doll. This cutie will be holding a magnolia and a Waco (or your favorite town) pennant. She will be the perfect reminder of a fun weekend.
sample coming soon!
Floral Watercolor
Mon., Oct 22nd
Angie, $45*
We just don't want this fun weekend to end and since Angie will be in town, we have to twist her arm for one more class. Angie is our watercolor expert and you will love this class I promise.
sample coming soon!

   Halloween Bird
Thurs., Oct. 25th 
Jenn, $45
To sign up for classes, call Paper Crown at 254 224 7436 or email at You will need to give a credit card number when assigning up for class. Classes with an asterisk can not be cancelled so please check your calendars carefully. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fall Classes & Events- September

Wow! Thanks everyone for the great response to our August class. Jenn's Animal Loulette class is almost full- in a day. If you missed it there are just a few spots available.

Animal Loulette
Sat., August 25th
Jenn McGlon of Noodle and Lou, $65
September Classes & Events
Beginning Punch Needle
Thurs., Sept 6th
Jackie Peters aka Good Grief Girdie*
(Students to provide the punch needle and hoop. Jackie prefers Ultra Punch Needle and hoop. Both will be available to purchase at Paper Crown if needed.)
Those of you that have followed the store know that Jackie not only taught a majority of the classes in OKC but was also my go person for every event and creator of Girdie, the store mannequin. I can't imagine Paper Crown without a Jackie class. I am thrilled Jackie is coming down to Waco to share her newest passion, punch needle. Jackie will instruct you on the basics and tips for punch needling on a pattern she created. Jackie's new line of punch needle patterns will be available at Paper Crown soon but if you sign up for the class, you get the preview.

First Friday Waco
Fri., Sept. 7th
Join the Waco downtown businesses for fun after hours treats and specials. Paper Crown will be hosting a pour paint demonstration and of course, there will be treats!
Watercolor Agate Class
Sat., Sept. 8th
Angie, $50* 
Angie is also an OK teacher and quickly became my watercolor expert. This is a great water color class if you are just starting out and so very fun! You will paint several agates which are the perfect pop of color for your home d├ęcor. It will be a relaxing day full of laughter.
To sign up for classes, call Paper Crown at 254 224-7436 or email me at

Monday, August 13, 2018

Fall Classes & Events- August

It finally cooled down a bit this weekend and I got a slight hint of welcome things to come. Fall is my favorite season not only because of the cooler weather, football, gorgeous leaves but it always means a full schedule of classes at Paper Crown. We have a great line up of classes to start off our new chapter in Waco.

I will be covering a month's of classes and events each day this week. That way those of you in town can get an idea of what is to come and those out of town can plan your Waco road trips.

Classes will be listed on our Facebook page, Papercrownwaco, blog; instagram; and class listing on our website. To sign up for classes, either call the store at 254 224-7436 or email me at We will need a credit card to hold your seat and some classes will have a limited number. We have a no cancellation policy on all out of town teachers (they will have an asterisk by their name) so please, check your calendars carefully.  Generally class cost includes all supplies except the basics- scissors, adhesive, needle, etc.

August Classes & Events

Animal Loulette
Sat., August 25th
Jenn McGlon of Noodle and Lou, $65
Years ago a friend introduced me to Jenn's work with this picture. I fell in love with these cute creatures, and then I saw her dolls! This will be a great warm up for one of Jenn's doll classes- yep, we have a couple scheduled this fall. You will love this class I promise!
Paper Crown
Semi Annual 40% off sale
Fri., August 31st & Sat., Sept. 1st
For years we have done this sale to help make room for all the fall and holiday items. For two days only, almost everything in the store is 40% off. Enjoy!   

Friday, July 27, 2018

3rd Times a Charm

First I must apologize, I don't know if it is the move, getting settled, the heat, laziness or a pretty good mix of all of the above, but I have not been doing a good job posting on the blog or really any  social media. Fingers crossed, August will be better. August is starting off right with some time with the OKC girls and Terri B. and then a visit from 2 of my PC favorites.

Goal for August is to get signs up at the store and start using the new PC logo Angie created. I also have a pretty full fall schedule of classes and a few special events to announce. I have one special teacher I'm waiting to hear back from but hope to have the class list out once I return from the NW.

Thought I would share with you some of the pictures from Angie's paper crown collage class last Saturday. This is the third time Angie has taught it and it always is a big hit and a very appropriate opening class for the Waco store. Thanks to the ladies that drove in to take the class; it means a lot to us that you would drive in from San Antonio. I have a feeling Holly will be a "regular" and it's great to have a local perspective. Lauren, it was sweet of you to hang out with the moms; I know your grandmother is going to love her present. Finally, thanks to Angie for making the drive from OKC to teach. I'm lucky enough to have seen Angie three times since the move so it almost seems normal. I'm thrilled to announce Angie has a class almost every month thru December!



A fun perk of moving the store to Waco is....

Magnolia Bakery cupcakes
 (although that line is getting a little long- but definitely worth it. Wonder if they have a frequent buyer program.)
The fall classes will be coming out soon and will be listed on the class page of our website, blog, Facebook, and hopefully thru our new email system. I could not import the addresses from the OKC computer so if you would like to be added and haven't signed the list at the store, email me at cindy@papercrown.  The classes this fall feel like home and if you were never able to take a Paper Crown class in OKC you are in for a treat I promise!
Thank you for all the encouragement I have received from OKC and my new friends in Texas. The move was a bigger undertaking than I imagined but I am encouraged and living by the motto, one day at a time.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully a little cooler weather (when did 98 become cool) around the corner.  

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Off to a Great Start

Last week we initiated the final piece to our move- classes. I love all the goodies in the store the creativity that it inspires but maybe the most important part of the store is the classes. That is where the friendships are made and the creativity grows.

Thanks to Jenn and Cindy who were my guinea pigs in this new adventure. We had fun groups for both classes and the friendships have sparked.


These two have followed each other for YEARS and finally met in person.

A very long drive from San Antonio to meet a friend



A very special thank you to all these ladies who attended our first two classes at Paper Crown. Each and every one of them drove for over an hour to attend class. We appreciate your commitment to creativity and look forward to many more. Thank you also to Cindy and Jenn! You got us off to a great start- Thanks friends!
If you missed out on last week, we have a class this Saturday, July 21 with Angie.
Paper Crown Collage
Sat., July 21st
Angie, $65
cost includes all supplies- just bring your scissors
To sign up, call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

If You Are Free Thursday or Saturday.....

I have the perfect thing to do! Join us in our inaugural classes at Paper Crown Waco. They will be fun, relaxing classes where you can beat the heat, make some new friends and create.

The first class Thursday is with the talented Jenn McGlon of Noodle and Lou. Those that followed us in OKC know Jenn was a favorite and her clay creations are out of this world. Jenn is also Waco's newest resident artist so I hope you can join us in welcoming her to her new home. Jenn is starting off with a house so it will fit in everyone's skill level. I hope you can join us in our first class as we begin the adventure of making Paper Crown , our creative hub.

Little Clay Houses
Thurs., July 12th
$45, includes all supplies
and if you have Saturday free...

Floral Frame
Saturday, July 14th
Cindy Mayfield
$45, includes all supplies
I know exactly what you are thinking, but I can't draw or paint, mine will not look anything remotely like Cindy's. I thought the exact same thing but trust me, Cindy has a teacher's talent of breaking it down into small parts so you WILL take home a piece that you will love. If you doubt it, come by the store and see my floral painting Cindy taught in OKC. I promise you can do it.
Hope you can join us for one or both, these ladies are two of the very best!
To sign up for class, call Paper Crown at 254 224-7436

All 4th of July 25% off


Thursday, July 5, 2018

July Classes

This is the last piece to getting settled in our new home- classes. Classes are my favorite part of Paper Crown; It is where friendships are made while doing what we love, creating. Three of my very favorite tried and true teachers will be here this month. If you have taken from them before, you know that they are truly instructors, there to guide you through the process to create a project you will love. In addition, all three are just fun!

If you have never taken a class or worried this might not be at your skill level, don’t worry. I promise you can do it and will make some new friends in the process. The ladies in OKC started out as strangers but over the years we have become fast and loyal friends traveling all over the US and even Italy together. So sign up for a class, I have a feeling you will get much, much more out of it than you expected.

Little Clay Houses
Thursday, July 12th
Jenn McGlon, Noodle and Lou

Floral Frame
Saturday, July 14th
Cindy Mayfield, Yapping Cat Studio *

I know, I know these flowers look really hard but I absolutely promise, you CAN do it. Cindy will guide you through some simple brush work that will form the flowers and the background is a stencil.  You will love it - I promise!

Paper Crown Collage
Saturday, July 21st
Angie, Art Adventure Girl *
This class was a huge hit in OKC and I thought it was the perfect class for Angie to begin with at Paper Crown Waco. If you have ever wanted to do a mixed media class this is a perfect one. There is a little bit of everything used to create our signature crown. 

To sign up for classes, call Paper Crown at 254 224-7436.
 Cost includes all supplies

* We have a no cancellation policy on all out of town teachers so please check your calendars carefully. If you are unable to attend, you will receive a kit which may or may not include instructions. It is up to each teacher to decide whether or not they want to provide written instructions.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Paper Crown Duo

Change is good but at the same time, sometimes it is just plain hard. I have learned that I really don’t embrace change as quickly as I should and quite honestly, I like my routine, my peeps and what is predictable. Those feelings of uncertainty and longing hit at excepted moments, like my first day at the Waco store, but also at the most unexpected times like yesterday.

Yesterday was the first big shipment to arrive since I have moved to Waco. As before, UPS delivered the 3 boxes by the counter and I began checking in the items. As I was stacking the new merchandise, it hit. For the past 5 years, I could predict with 90 % certainty who would be the first ones in to look at a new line. They always arrived together with their notebook and preferred to have it spread out in the back and not all "pretty" out front. I even recall more than one time when they opened the boxes, unpacked it and saw it even before me. Mary and Elaine please know you were thought of and greatly, greatly missed. 

Here is a peek at what was in yesterday’s boxes.


Until I get the on line store up and running, you are welcome to call the store at 254 224-7436 and I will ship anything you see on the blog.
Hope you have a great Thursday!