Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TimeKeeper's Garden has Arrived!

All 16 of the new Character Construction stamps in Catherine's new collection, " TimeKeeper's Garden" are at the store and ready for purchase. I have moved them all to the tables in the back- I thought it might get a little crowded.

They are Wow! Sorry, we will not be able to hold any stamps at this time.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Art with a Heart

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with an amazing group of volunteers, an energetic group of sisters and the most cheerful and brave group of kiddos.

Miss Kay, a Paper Crown regular and volunteer extraordinaire at Children's Hospital, asked if I would help a patient create a piece of art for the Art for Heart auction put on by the volunteers and Tridelt to benefit Children's Hospital. You all know how I love kid's camp ( I can bluff those lil' bits much easier than adults) and many moons ago I was initiated as a Tri Delt so my response was heck yeah! It is definitely one of those times, like most of my time with kiddos, that I walk away knowing that there is no way they could have gotten near as much from that experience as I did.

Kay set me up with one of her favorite little nuggets, that's a "Katie Winterism" and she has been using it a lot referring to her 1st K class- it has kinda grown on me, Kameron. I knew if Kay loved her she had to be special and I was right. Kameron was the sweetest little bug and oh so fashionable in her Sunday best. She gets it from her mom who was the gentlest, most positive and hard working momma.

Kameron was excited to be able to walk down the red carpet in a tiara and cape so we decided a crown would be the perfect piece of art for us both. We did a little pasting, cutting, and glittering to create her masterpiece.

During our time together I learned that Miss Kameron is celebrating her 8th birthday this week so we had to break for a birthday song.

Earlier this fall I helped another equally adorable artist with her piece for the show.

So many kiddos, so many different illnesses but they all were just kids and wanted to play, be loved and just be a kiddo. These kiddos have a special spirit  that seem to make all of us on the outside look "sick" as they gently pull back the layers to reveal what is really important.

Sadly these aren't the only two kiddos I have known that have called the clinic at Children's Hospital, home. Our entire school was blessed several years ago by Fletcher. Fletcher was in Payne's grade and came to mean and teach his classmates so very much. Hell, Fletcher taught the parents, teachers, and principal. Two weekends ago I was cleaning out old yearbook pictures from elementary school and came across the pages we did on Fletcher. Those went in the box with the Winter family pictures. Tonight I watched a video assignment Payne had to do of his life and there was a picture of Fletcher. Such a very wise soul beyond his years and such a sphere of influence.

Art with a Heart auction is February 23rd and although I'm not positive, I bet they would love anyone to attend. I can't think of a better way to celebrate February, the month of love. I guarantee being around these kiddos will fill your heart and bless you beyond measure.

Kay, Arlene and all of the volunteers - you are my superhero, rock star and glitter princess all rolled in one. Some day I want to be you Miss Kay!

If you can't make the auction, I still have a few calendars the kiddos created at the store.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tuesday is Your Lucky Day

It is official, the Character Construction Timekeeper's Garden stamps will be ready for purchase first thing Tuesday morning the 29th. I ordered all 16 of the stamps in Catherine's new Timekeeper collection and a few of our old favorites.  This is such a charming collection and so very many options for paper dolls that I bet these will fly out the door.

We will open at 11 am on Tuesday, Payne has a Sports Assembly at 10. Sorry ladies, you will have to wait an hour longer than normal but I know it will be worth the wait!  

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks to Hallie, Lisa, Shelly, Nan and Ann-Denise for a wonderful
Saturday- wait til you see what they created and what Ann-Denise has in store for March! Thanks also to Mike, we are thrilled you are healthy - You are our favorite bookworm.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Open For Business- on the Internet!

For several years I have had the capability to have a on-line store but the thought of doing it just seemed way beyond my " Internet for dummies" capability and oh so very exhausting. Can you imagine putting everything in the store on-line?!

This fall my handy and very nice computer expert, Mike, reminded me once again and gave me a gentle kick in the ... So today, thanks to all of Mike's help and encouragement, we have launched the beginnings of Paper Crown's on-line store. We are starting out slow but it is ready to go. My goal is to add new items several times a week.

Hopefully, this will help all of you that follow our blog but live too far to visit the store, or it can be a "quick fix" until you can get to the store.

Please be patient, I'm sure there are bugs to be worked out and bugs we haven't even thought of yet.

I hope you enjoy shopping in your pjs! The first order will get a special treat!

Guess this might be helpful- www.papercrown.net

What a way to celebrate our 300th post!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive

Last Thursday at Jackie's 2013 Journal class we were all talking about the need for a good- not those cheap plastic ones- but a really good heavy duty pair of scallop scissors. Basically like your mom or grandmothers metal pinking shears but with a smooth scallop. Apparently Fiskars at one time made them  but the savvy little  man who owned the only die decided he would rather take the die to the grave with him than be low balled by the large company- shame on you Fiskars. Apparently they thought those little craft scallop scissors were enough.

The Fiskar rep happened to call the day after the class and confirmed they no longer make a heavy duty pair of scallop scissors- he did not confirm the " low ball" comment :) He did say they made a pair of heavy duty zig zag scissors and he would send me a free pair. I'm thinking zig zag is a synonym for pinking shears, which you can find anywhere but... we will wait and see. The zig zag scissors have yet to arrive- maybe they should call them chevron scissors- so hip.

Never fear Miss Heather Ales was here and came to our rescue. We now have a dozen pairs of shiny heavy duty scalloped scissors- Yipee! They are not cheap, $39.99, but should last your crafting lifetime. First come first serve- at least for round 1. Sorry no discounts apply- not much of a mark up.

I'm pretty sure these were not made in USA- maybe we need to get on that.

Thanks Super Heather!
It's that kind of calm before the paper storm. Lots of orders are in and we are just waiting to see who will be the first across the line. These Making Memories lines came out this fall but for some reason our order was never shipped so they will help carry us over til the boxes start coming.

Sarah Jane is a vintage type girl's and boy's line with fun colors. These illustrations look like something from my childhood- guess I'm officially "vintage." I love the paper dolls which were my favorite things to play with growing up.

The Modern Millinery line has vibrant colors and some fun millinery inspired embellishments. Makes me think of digging around the French hat factory this summer- minus all the dust.

Still have a couple of openings left in Ann-Denise's class on Sat. the 26th.

Jackie's Valentine Cone class is tomorrow for all you speed dialers. Class begins at 5:30.   

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ladies, Could It Be Time for a Road Trip?

I've noticed the past couple of Saturdays that our store has been full of out of towners. Some have come to town for other reasons and stumbled upon Paper Crown thanks to google but others have made a decision to make the drive to see what this little store is all about. First, thank you to everyone who comes to the store. I appreciate your business and friendship. However all our new customers have got me thinking, a road trip to OKC?? (for all you locals this post is not so much for you, Paper Crown is home to you.) Heck yea, we have a great town and lots of fun venues for a girl's getaway.

We are lucky enough to have such a great variety of classes at Paper Crown that you could drive in on a Thursday to take a class, play on Friday (I'm happy to share some of my favorite OKC shops and restaurants, take another class from another talented teacher at Paper Crown on Saturday and drive home having had a little vacation just for you. I'll make you a deal, if you do that,  let me know and I'll have you over for dinner on Friday.

We all need a break at some point and if creating is what refreshes you, then we are the perfect art spa. We have several that make a long drive to classes on weekdays and weekends. We also have several more that have committed to drive in once a month for the altered book swap. I think this just proves that for some of us, we just need to create and to be around others that feel the same.

For all of you that live out of town, think about gathering up some girlfriends and making the drive. We will do our very best to make sure you have a fun time, just let us know you are coming. I promise the drive goes quickly with friends, an adult sleepover is just like we we were kids- a late night of talking and laughter, and the creating will refresh your spirit.

I'll now tempt you with this Saturday's class ...

There are still some openings for Ann-Denise's Sweet Valentine Cotton Spun Doll class this Saturday, Jan. 26th, 11-2:30, cost $50.00 includes all supplies.  A Saturday road trip might be just the way to wet your feet, all it takes is a phone call to register and a tank of gas. For a full list of classes see our website or blog postings.

I know from experience how fun and restoring a good girl's trip can be. About 10 years ago some friends and I discovered Nell Hills in Atchison, KS. Someone was looking through a Victoria magazine and thought it looked like a fun store. The rest is history resulting in some amazing shopping hauls, lots of laughter and a few tears, wonderful memories and a friendship with Mary Carol, owner of Nell Hill's, that resulted in the inspiration for Paper Crown. You never know what might happen on a good road trip ladies!

Friday, January 18, 2013

You are goin' be so sorry!!

Bobbie brought the samples up for classes this week and like all of our classes, the pictures definitely do not do them justice. If you haven't been in the store the last few days you need to stop by. The classes offered just in this first month and a half of 2013 are phenomenal. I'm beginning to wonder why I order all those Somerset magazines, we have just as much, if not more, talent and skill here in our little store. Thank you ladies, I am blessed to have each and every one of you!

Honestly, this picture does not do the vintage valentine justice. It is lush, full and much larger than it appears in the photo. This is the class you will see in the store after Saturday and say "man, I really wish I had taken that class- big deep heavy sigh. If you are free tomorrow, I guarantee you will be glad you signed up.

Vintage Valentine
Sat., Jan. 19th
Bobbie, $45.00
It's not too late - Call the store at 848-2389 to sign up!
Thanks to Jackie and all the ladies who joined us for our inaugural 2013 class! It was a marathon but what a winner and I can't think of a better way to start off an artful 2013.

A new shipment of Somerset magazines came this week. Great reading, dreaming, thinking, inspiring for a cold winter's evening. Also just in Sarah Jane  cute vintage inspired kiddo lines from Making Memories. Pictures to come later; it's being unpacked.

Come see us this weekend for a lovely class or just to roam in our sea of pink, red and heart  loveliness. 
P.S. All you sleepy ladies from last night- The Fiskar's guy just happened to call and said in fact the scallop scissors are discontinued but they have some new pinking type scissors that they are sending free for us to try out. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classes Keep on Coming

Don't you just LOVE this! Bobbie has been busy this past week and I think this is her last sample to come in but what a finale!

I Adore You
Eiffel Tower
Sat., Feb 9th
Bobbie, $45.00
Poppies Mixed Media Canvas
Tues., Feb. 19th 
Medeah, $45.00
To peruse a full listing of the upcoming classes at Paper Crown visit our website, www.papercrown.net or our January 9th blog posting "Pictures, I Hope."
 See something you have to do, simply call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389 to sign up.

going,going, gone

I can't believe no one has snagged up that cute felted stocking!
If you have been waiting to stock up on Christmas papers for all of those holiday pictures, you better head to the store soon.The Christmas elves are headed to the store tomorrow to pack it up and send it north. Christmas will be 60% off through tomorrow noonish. You will want to take advantage of this great deal.

Also still a fairly good selection of Jenni Bowlin embellishments at 60% off and paper that is just one shiny dime a sheet. These papers and embellishments will be on sale through the 31st.

Reminder for all of you who have signed up for Jackie's 2013 Journal class tomorrow, we will begin a little earlier at 5, so please try to be on time. You have a year's worth of creating in just a few hours.
If you are enrolled in the class, you will get 15% off your purchase that evening.

Still an opening left in Bobbie's gorgeous Vintage Valentine class on Saturday, Jan. 19th from 11-2.
Call Paper Crown, 405 848-2389, to sign up for this or any of our other wonderful classes.

Several other class options will be posted later today! Here's to an artful 2013!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Message in a Bottle & You've Got Mail Class

Miss Bobbie has been busy- and she has also been sick. These teachers around here make me feel like a giant slug.

What a great class on the 5th and it's two projects for the price of one and a less expensive class at that!

In this class you will make both the You've Got Mail Banner AND the Message in a Bottle.  What a creative and financial " sweetheart of a deal."

To register for this class or any of our other classes, simply call Paper Crown, 405 848-2389  with your credit card to reserve your spot.

We have one opening in Jackie's INCREDIBLE 2013 Journal class this Thurs., Jan.17th. Class will begin promptly at 5:00. This is a great way to highlight the year and after Thursday, the work is complete you just need to add monthly pictures and journaling.

Have a great day and stay warm. C

Sunday, January 13, 2013

She Looks Quite Fetching

Thought Miss Girdie draped in a cloud of fluffy pink and red was just what we needed on this bright but bitterly cold day. Don't let the sunshine fool you; it is nippy out today.

We are in full hearts and arrows mode at Paper Crown and the Valentine's papers are quickly flying out the door. Please don't be caught in a jam. Best to shop early this year and it's a good year for Valentine's.

Classes are also filling quickly. I think our teachers' talents are spreading! Call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389 to sign up for your favorite class- or two. Stay warm and have a great Sunday.
I just knew Girdie was a shoe girl!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage Valentine Class

Brrrr.... boy did it get cold today. I even had a sheet of ice on my windshield when I left the store this afternoon. Hope you all have a project to snuggle up with for the rest of the weekend. I have too many projects and none involve glitter glue or paper. Maybe if I get busy I can take some time tomorrow to create- I brought home half the store on that slight chance ;)

Here is something to make you swoon....

Vintage Valentine
Always & Forever
  Sat., Feb. 19th
 Bobbie, $45.00
Bet I have a few messages on the store phone Monday morning.
Classes are filling quickly. I believe Jackie's Valentine Cone class is full and many of the others just have a spot or two left. Best not to procrastinate!
Hope you all have a warm, creative and peaceful weekend. C  

Sea of Blush, and Crimson

Getting pretty fancy here at 6:00 in the morning- it's pink and red. Those two colors, shades and hues pretty much cover the color scheme for Paper Crown at the moment. It is a happy heart explosion. The sweetest class samples are on display (I do have the most amazing teachers in the country-if you haven't taken a class yet you will be amazed- and hooked), Girdie is looking FABULOUS (so amazing her couture requires it's own post) and the Valentine goodies are all on display.

We have this charming collection from Authentique...


A little Valentine whimsy from Crate Papers...

love that face

Bold and bright best describes Doodlebug and we have cards and envelopes you can create your valentine. Mom's this would be great for those toddlers who want to do it themselves (memories of little Miss Katie Winter) but need a little help....

Always my favorite, My Mind's Eye Lost & Found, not actually a Valentine's line but it could be and is the sparkliest...

and our latest from Basic Grey.....,

We have you covered for any Valentine creation that might be swirling in your head or pinned on Pinterest. According to the weather guys, today and tomorrow might be the perfect time to snuggle up with some new paper, a little trim, glitter of course & a glue gun.

Christmas is on sale in the backroom at 60% until probably next Wed. then we begin a full round of classes and will need the table space. Still lots of wonderful holiday papers, embellishments and even some decorations.
This month's featured designer is Jenni Bowlin
I actually met her at something, maybe Silver Bella, and she is so very nice. Love it when you call to order and you get to talk to her or her husband, makes me want to buy more and I usually do. Anyway in the backroom, we have Jenni Bowlin paper for a dime and coordinating embellishment at 60% off. We also have some valentine paper and other fun items to get your year off to a good start. Jenni's treasures will only be on sale until the 31st and then we will feature a new designer. Each month there will be a new designer with  substantially discounted crafting supplies. It will be a surprise every month.
I came up with this plan after Mt. Paperie erupted in the back room  
We will be opening at 11:00 Sat. am. I want to catch part of Em's basketball game. Come see us and sign up for classes.  Space is running out!