Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advice From a Savy Business Woman

A few weeks ago I had a surprise visitor at the store. It was Mary Carol Garrity, owner of my favorite store in the whole world, Nell Hill's,  in Atchison and KC, KS.  I have blogged about her store before and it is truly amazing. Words can not describe how beautifully creative this store is. Everyone who loves Paper Crown Should put it on their list- you will be amazed! Anyway Mary Carol was in town for a speaking engagement at the Theta Flaming Festival and stopped by to check out the store she helped to inspire.

She was graciously complimentary and said she would never change the feel of Paper Crown but would like to make a small suggestion- there is hardly anything in the store over $10.00 and what about those that love the store's feel but just don't have the time? She suggested I carry some items that I already have in the store and am using for displays. That way I am not changing the store's integrity,  just making it a little more accessible to a wider customer base. So the mess in the back is a result of her advice.

20 boxes arrived on Monday full gift items including frames, Santos, pedestals and the prettiest dish towels, tablecloths and aprons. Now you can Christmas shop for both your artsy and non-artsy friends. As I get the boxes unpacked I will show you some of the goodies but for now....


In addition we also received a large shipment from October Afternoon ( Farmhouse and Holiday Style) ,  Prima (Printery, Londonberry & Romantique) and TADA, fun Christmas line.

It's like Christmas morning around here again!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Huge Thanks!

A huge and oh so glittery thank you to all of you who attended Glitter Market and made it our most successful market yet. As you can see from the picture, we had quite a crowd gathered even before the doors opened. I'm not sure if Nancy & Glenda or Brenda & donna were the official first ones in line but I know it was close. Actually both were waiting when I arrived Sat. morning!

Here are a few pictures of the calm before the storm- and what a glorious storm it was...

It was a little crazy for a bit but I think everyone was happy with the added space. Lots and lots of treats were purchased and I believe we had a ton of happy shoppers and some very happy but a little weary vendors. A huge thank you to all our shoppers from near and far. Your kind words- and pocketbooks-  have allowed our artists and Glitter Market to flourish. We are just so glad you "get" us and what we do!

A very special thank you to all the vendors who worked so very hard to come up with such unique and beautiful items, hauled them all up to the market, set up the most wonderful displays, worked a full day and then helped clean up. Each and every one of you is an angel and we wouldn't have Glitter Market without YOU! 

Thank you also to all the friends and family who lent a hand, watched the baby, manned a booth(that rivaled Target on Black Friday), hauled tables and boxes and mopped the floor. Your help was  definitely appreciated and thanks for understanding -or at least trying- our need to create. It may not be practical but it is Beautiful and makes our hearts sing. 

Thank you also to our new vendors who had their maiden market is fall. We are so glad you decided to join us and are looking forward to you joining us for the next Glitter Market. Thanks also to our favorite Texans- Heather, Ann-Denise and Charlotte. I'm so very pleased and honored that you make the long drive; we are truly lucky to have discovered you!

I would mark Glitter Market 2011 as a huge hit so until the next one... possibly in the spring of 2012 (I have a feeling I might be a little busy) but definitely the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2012.

Congrats to Leigh Ann and Mary Kay who were the winners of our 2 Glitter Market baskets!

 I hope you all will accept my overdue thanks for a job superbly done-  I think I was just pooped last week!

For those of you that missed Gertie last week- she was doing a little celebrating!
Sic'em Bears!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 2 and counting....

It's almost here!!! Move in day is tomorrow and today was cleaning day. Let me say there is going to be plenty of room in the new location. It is very spacious and will be the perfect venue for Glitter Market. That being said, there is only so much cleaning one chickie can do in a night so if it isn't spotless, remember that you do have lots of elbow room :)

One of today's featured artists is Nicole Kohmescher. I have known Nicole for a year or so and she is the sweetest. Nicole has taught a variety of classes at Paper Crown and they have all been a hit. We are ready for cute little Wicky, not sure how they spell it, to start kindergarten so Nicole will have more time for classes. My word for Nicole is serene, believe me I wasn't that way when the boys were toddlers- she's never ruffled! I know you will love Nicole's treats and if they are anything like her classes, it will be a bang for your buck!

 Another of today's artists is Leslie Pace. She signed up for Glitter Market on Monday or Tuesday. I'm impressed at her initiative and the fact she can pull it all together so quickly. Gotta love a girl that can fly by the seat of her pants. Leslie repurposes vintage items into works of art. My word for Leslie is impressive; I know I couldn't have pulled it together that quickly.

Oops! Yesterday I missed this picture of all the wonderful crepe paper goodies Ann-Denise will be bringing. It just makes you smile!

Sweet Dreams Friends! You might need to catch up on some sleep tonight- I have a feeling some alarm clocks will be going off pretty early on Saturday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

day 3 and counting....

Just 3 short little days girls- it will be here in no time!

 Day 3 featured artists are the dynamic Texas cowgirls- Ann- Denise and Heather. Actually I don't think either are originally from Texas but I'm just so very pleased and honored that they both make that 6 hour drive to teach at Paper Crown.

Since they both have a hike to get to the store, both will be teaching this weekend at Paper Crown. Killin' two birds with one stone. What an awesome deal for you- you can shop til you drop and then in the afternoon, drop into a class or two and create. Shopping and crafting all in one day!

You've wanted to try it so now is your chance! This Friday, Nov. 18th from 11-2, Heather will be teaching a beginning soldering class. You will learn everything you need to get you started on a new hobby and make a couple of charms while learning. Class is limited to 6 and there are only a couple of spots left. Class cost is $65 and includes all of your supplies.

For those of you that have completed Heather's beginning class, she will be offering an advanced Crown class on Friday, Nov. 18th from 3-6. We can't wait to see this pretty; we have been dreaming about it for months and only a couple of spots are still available. Class members must have completed the beginning class and have their own equipment.

Heather will conclude her weekend of vending and teaching with her Shine Banner on Saturday, Nov. 19th from 3-6. This is also an advanced class so students will need to have finished beginning soldering and have their own equipment.
In addition to all her teaching, Heather is bringing some surprises for Glitter Market. Miss Heather has been a very busy girl.

Our second featured artist is Ann-Denise. This cowgirl has also been busy- teaching, vending and openning a new craft haven, P'Arty Place, in Roanoke, Tx. Crafty girls sure don't sit around eating bon-bons. Ann- Denise will have a table at Glitter Market with her ruffled crepe paper and other goodies. All those fun extras that make your project sparkle!

Ann-Denise will be teaching the Cotton Spun Glitter Fairy on Saturday, November 19th from noon-2. We strategetically planned her class so you can be first in line to shop at Glitter Market and then head over to Paper Crown for this fun holiday class. Cost is $55.00 and includes all of your supplies.

So ladies, mark your calendars, shop like a crazy women and then come take a wonderful relaxing class!
Call the store to reserve your class spot.

Until tomorrow!  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day 4 and counting....

When it rains it pours- literally! I walked into the store this morning to water on the floor and bulging from the tiles in the ceiling. Not a good thing for a paper store. Apparently the center is getting a new roof and the section over a portion of the store was not down last night- during the rain. The insulation acted like a giant sponge and then - drip drip drip SPLASH!

Not too much was ruined and I had two burly macho men assigned to clean up. They were amazed at the store, not in the same way you ladies are, and couldn't believe people actually bought that much paper and glitter. They were very helpful and did a great job cleaning up. I did smile as they left for lunch with rest of the guys- covered in pink and silver glitter. :)

One of our day 4 artists is Miss Jackie. This is the reason people line up to get in at 8:30 in the morning. Her work is beyond description. You all know how very talented she is and what an incredible collection of treats she will be bringing. There are so many words I would use for Jackie but my personal favorite is angel. She has been and continues to be my very own personal angel. Come be amazed - but while your jaw is dropping please please remember to use your manners while swarming her table- I don't want to come down and have to use my mom voice : )

 Our second day 4 artist is Robin Thomas. Robin is another of our multi-talented artists. In addition to the gorgeous scarves and wraps Robin is known for, she also makes these adorable dolls and Miss Annie is a wonderful tree topper. Robin is also bringing her jewelry and journals and who knows what else. I do know it will all be wonderful and I'm so glad Robin is joining us. My word for Robin is wit. I know it isn't a typical crafty word but anytime I am in the art world with Robin, her intelligent funny wit is what sticks with me. She makes me smile and laugh and I can't wait!

It's getting exciting isn't it- I got the key to Jamie's today and can't wait to go down and plan out the space!

A large shipment of Character Construction stamps arrived today. We finally have faces, legs, arms,and clothes- we were in BAD shape for a while! I also got in an assortment of Catherine's Christmas stamps so don't be sorry. I just wish Catherine would have delivered the stamps herself- I'm working on it though!

that's all for today- pray for clear skies tonight!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Glitter Market Countdown ...7, 6, 5

It is almost here and I can not wait!  This Saturday, November 19th  from 10-5 is our 3rd annual Paper Crown Holiday Glitter Market. Each year it has grown and word of our little art fair has spread. It is very exciting and such a great opportunity for our talented artists and wonderful customers. This years Holiday Glitter Market will be held four doors down from Paper Crown at the former Jamie's storefront. It is a very large open location that will allow for more movement and hopefully alleviate some of the crowding at the tables. You won't want to miss this unique and wonderful shopping opportunity. Just think you can get some of that Christmas shopping done before Black Friday.

This weekend got away from me with the birthday parties, classes and garage sale so pretend with me...

7 days and counting.....

Our first featured Glitter Market artist is Charlotte Perez. I met Charlotte is summer at the Gilded Life retreat and the one word I would use to describe Charlotte is exuberant! She has the most fun spirited personality that matches her bold and beautiful jewelry. I wasn't able to get a piece of jewelry this summer but I guarantee I will on Saturday. Charlotte lives in Dallas and I have told her how much we love those girls from across the Red River. Ladies we are in for a amazing treat!

6 days and counting....   
( i know just pretend)

I thought it would be appropriate to feature Donna Layton as our day 6 artist since she was up at the store most of the day yesterday teaching her advent calendar class.  This is Donna's third year at Glitter Market so most of you know about Donna's vintage treasures. She has the most extensive and amazing stash of vintage goodies and the beautiful pieces of art she creates with her stash is amazing. The word I would use to describe Donna is beautifully resourceful. I'm aways amazed at what clever things she has come up with. My dad was was very resourceful and clever but rarely was it beautiful- Donna is that rare combo of both. These ornaments are gorgeous and I know they will go quickly. 

 day 5 and counting....

Today's featured artist is Medeah Kitsmiller. I have known Medeah for about a year and I am continually amazed with the volume and variety of art this girl can put out- and she has a two- or maybe 3 - sorry Miss Chloe, year old. She must not sleep! Medeah has wowed us this past year with her mixed media canvases but I hear her Glitter Market inventory includes so much more! My word for Medeah is energizer bunny- wish she would let me borrow her battery for a week!

Well now that we are on track I hope you are getting excited about Glitter Market. I know it will be bigger and definitely even more sparkley than last year.  So until tomorrow...

Miss cute young lady is Grace. She is also known as Benton, Charlie, Life and baby Joe's sister but today she is my right hand girl. It is career shadowing day at school and Grace came to check out Paper Crown. She has input inventory, cut out stars, rang up customers and we are now off to mixing glitter. Last year she shadowed a delivery nurse- kinda a tough act to follow but not near as squeamish. 

Hey everyone, come to the Glitter Market on Saturday- Grace

Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

I think the busy, crazy, I just wanna get through this season has officially begun. It's gonna be hectic but fun- and glittery!

Miss Donna will kick it off this weekend with her beautiful advent calendar class. It's a full house but there are 2 coveted spots still available. Donna's class will be this Sunday from 1-5 pm, come create while your hubby is watching football. Cost is $45.00 and includes all supplies. If you are enrolled please bring your regular class kit in addition to Aleen's Fast Grab glue and a bag of wooden clothespins. It will be a great way to relax on a Sunday afternoon but only 2 spots left.

Next week is full of b-day parties, classes and GLITTER MARKET!!!

we will turn this into.....


The official Glitter Market countdown will begin tomorrow so check daily. You will be amazed at all the pretties that will be for sale.

Some Christmas goodies to get you in the spirit.

A special glittery thank you to Prince Charming who told me this am he is driving up from Dallas to man a garage sale, at my house all by himself, tomorrow and Sunday. I think he is tired of tripping over all my junk. Always before I have planned for weeks to have a garage sale. This one we are throwing together tonight- maybe this time I will make some extra cash. I can tell you this that stuff is not entering my house again. So come see Austin at the garage sale, or me at the store tomorrow  - divide and conquer!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Ann-Denise Class

What a Doll!

Ann-Denise has very graciously agreed to have a very busy - but oh so fun couple of days during Glitter Market. Not only will Ann-Denise be a vendor at Glitter Market  but she will also be teaching this adorable Glitter Fairy class on Saturday morning. Ladies never fear, the class will begin at noon so you can be the first in line at Glitter Market and then take Ann- Denise's class.

Sat., Nov. 19th

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of spun cotton ornaments? Well now is your chance and
I guarantee you will be making these all Holiday season to come! This makes for fabulous ornaments and great gift adornments!

She measures at 9 inches high and is made of spun cotton and of course a detailed crepe paper dress. She also has plastered mica wings and the cutest glittered slippers!!

Oh you won't want to miss this workshop!

* Student may bring a small picture (of face or someone else) for the glitter face image will be provided

All supplies and tools are included in the cost!

She's even adorable from the back!

Call Paper Crown, 848-2389 to reserve your class seat- don't delay this will be gone in a flash!

Casady Square Holiday Open House
Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th
6-8 pm
refreshments, Casady Square basket drawing and discounts and specials at most store-

20% off at Paper Crown
6-8 pm only

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faint Jingle Bells

It's starting to look a little Christmasy around the store. Actually I think the backroom has looked like a Christmas explosion for about a month but the front of the store is finally catching up. I have almost all the Christmas moved to the front and holiday Girdie will be here soon. All this activity will be here just in time for the Casady Square Holiday Open House next Tues. Nov. 8th from 6-8 pm. Come join us for holiday treats, magic and a 20% off discount from 6-8 pm. What a great way to get a head start on the holidays.

If you are in the mood for some creating, we have a couple of holiday classes this week that have just a few openings.

Oh Christmas Tree
Thurs., Nov. 3rd
Medeah, $45.00

Vintage Ornaments
 Sat., Nov. 5th
1-4 pm
 Holly, $45.00

Still a few openings in both but don't delay!
Call Paper Crown @ 848-2389 to reserve your class spot

A Few New Goodies......

Necklaces & earrings just in time for the holidays!

Basic Grey's new "kitchy" line Picadilly

Perfect for Nordic type Christmas card

Rich Autumn colors from Crate Paper