Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my wish

Lately I've been asked several times what I wish for. Funny it used to be so easy. When I was little it was a new Barbie, then a polo, an add a bead necklace, or the past few years, probably something for the house. Never had much problem coming up with something, actually it was probably the opposite- wanting way too much. This year has been different. Maybe it's because this is my first birthday without a parent or grandparent. It could also be that is is my 47th b-day; the age my mom was first diagnosised with breast cancer. Maybe I'm just finally growing up. All that stuff that I used to want is just that- stuff- and at times it gives me a bigger headache than joy. A quick side note, I haven't totally gone granola, believe me I still go crazy when I walk in Anthrolopogie (Austin refers to it as my crack house) and the Wood Garden can make me lust but I just don't Need it like I used to, or a least thought I did. Whatever the case, my wish has been forefront on my mind lately.

As many of you know, a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have KC Willis come teach for a few days at the store. She is a wonderful mixed media artist who gave us 3 days of pure pleasure. In addition to being a talented artist, KC is just such an interesting and passionate person. In her classes she shared with us about her second love, the people of Pine Ridge reservation in SD.

On KC's last night in OKC we went to dinner and she shared with me how she found Pine Ridge. It was a series of events, or actually in her case, books, that lead her from one author and their experience to another. If you have ever had a series of events in your life that looking back you have no other explanation for how they came together other than God's providence, you understand. KC had such an interest in one author's experience at Pine Ridge that she began to look into it herself. Like many passions, it started small and has grown to a consuming fire.

I was surprised that KC had a passion for a group of people and children that she had never actually met. That night after dinner I asked her if she would like to put a face with her cause. That night KC meet J and L. As some of you know, my closest friends have been caring for two foster kiddos for about a year. Both boys are Native American and from the same tribe as those at Pine Ridge.  I have helped with the boys some over the past year and to say I have become attached is an understatement. So you see, KC's stories of the reservation struck a cord that was very close to my heart- the spark was flickering.

Their meeting was a grand finale to a series of  "God things." As we pulled up to the house, L dressed for bed was in the car getting his backpack. I told him I had a friend I wanted him to meet and instead of shly walking over, he ran to KC's knees and gave her a bear hug that can only be done by 5 yr old boys. He then gave her a big grin and a happy "hi." It was dark but I'm pretty sure KC was crying and I know I was. KC now had a face to put with her mission at least until her arrival today at the reservation.

Today KC is making her first trip to the reservation. She has her car loaded up with clothes, supplies and the necessities of life to try and be of some help. KC described life on the reservation as very, very hard and very isolated. We always send our children out of the country on mission trips when in fact, some of the conditions in our own country, just a day's drive away, are worse than those of a third world country.

I have decided to start a coat drive for the people of Pine Ridge. For every gently used coat, glove,mitten, or  hat donated, I will enter your name in a drawing for a $100 Paper Crown gift certificate. We will gather donations until November when KC is scheduled to make a second visit to the resrvation.  This is a cause that is very dear to my heart and I hope you will join me. 

I guess one of my wishes is that we can somehow make a difference in these kids lives and it takes an entire day's worth of profits to pay for the shipping of all the coats we gather. I noticed this am that ABC news is doing a special on Friday evening entitled "Children of the Plains" and it appears to be about life in a reservation. I think it's another "God thing."

This is J. He is the Thanksgiving baby and I love this little guy like he was my own. My second wish is that he will be able to be adopted by my friends. Because of J's background,  a normal adoption is not possible. The decision will be made soon and it is our hope that the tribe will find favor with J's current situation and Bubbie will be able to remain in OKC and be adopted by a very special family that has already shown him so much selfless and unconditional love.

Those are my two wishes so say a little prayer please and get to cleaning those closets : )


  1. hey cindy! i loved what you had to say today. i am so certain there are "god things" all around us. nothing, nothing happens in god's world by glad you and kc had some time together and i so hope your wishes come true. happy birthday, sweet friend. franc

  2. Wonderful Cindy. You and KC were meant to meet and gather your Service together. I am happy to know you both.

    Are adult coats okay?

  3. What a blessing. I read your story and it brought tears to my eyes. I think it is a wonderful cause. You are so right about how we do not have to look very far and see much need. I will be cleaning out my closets. And thanks for taking the time to make a difference.