Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cindy's Favorite Things

I know it won't have near the response that Oprah's does- sorry girls, I can't give away cars, or these items for that matter but thought I would highlight a few of my favorite thing in the store. For you blog readers outside OKC, these items can be ordered and sent in the mail, unfortunately, probably not by Christmas but really I bet there isn't a lot of creating going on right now because of all the shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, addressing.

These bright and cheerful kitchen linens make drying the dishes, cooking dinner, and setting the table Fun. These are great presents and our price is a ton better than the sale price at a Classen Curve store. We have aprons- 2 styles, tablecloths- 2 sizes, napkins & tea towels.

I love this jewelry line by Summer Ellis. She is a young designer from Waco and makes the most beautifully delicate necklaces and earrings. These are a huge hit with college and us more mature girls. These are perfect to add a little bling to your Christmas stocking!

This has become my new BFF and I just got an extra one to sell in the store. This is Tim Holtz Vagabond  electric die cutting machine. It can be used with all the Tim Holtz dies and many of the Sizzix dies. If you have to make 400 of these....

You can do it in a snap with the Vagabond! This is the one tool I promise you WILL use and be thankful you made the jump. in addition, it's so darn cute and comes with travel stickers to put on the sides.

Who doesn't love this stuff. It is our all time favorite. It ties up beautifully, can be made to look vintage in a snap, comes in 100s of colors and is really cheap- .39 a yard. So why use that stiff ugly ribbon from the discount store- this is much prettier, cheaper and after the presents have been unwrapped, you can use it on your favorite project. 

This is the perfect treat for next week. All the hustle and bustle is over so get a cup of your favorite beverage, a comfy chair or bed and enjoy an afternoon looking through the new Somerset magazines- we just got in Somerset Life, Create With Me, Somerset Studio and Art Journaling. Doesn't it sound like heaven.

This is the store favorite! We just got in another shipment of 1000 of these beauties. Rarely are any two alike but they are all beautiful. These are loved by girls from 6- 96. they are pretty, light weight and so affordable. I'm sure Paper Crown has the best prices in town  so don't delay- she will be happy! 

I just received some more gifty items this am- unfortunately there was a delay in getting them here but the driver told me they were here before Christmas- barely. I think there are some trays, picture frames, and a new shipment of Santos- if your favorite was gone come quick Santa's elves did a rush shipment just for Paper Crown! 

Holiday Hours

Sat., Dec 24 open until 2pm

40% off storewide after Christmas Sale-
 excluding new housewares shipment rec'd today and bracelets 

Mon., Dec 26 10-5:30
Tues., Dec 27th 10-5:30

Closed Wed., Dec 28- Mon., Jan 2nd

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  1. Fabulous Cindy! Why didn't I send Chris in to your shop to shop for me?? Glad to know you have the towels, I am needing one for my mom. I'll be in soon!!! jf