Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where Women Create

I think the answer could be right here in OKC at the Paper Crown! Here are some pictures of all the Halloween creating that has been going on at the Paper Crown lately.

Johnnie & Kay at last Saturday's class with Bobbie

Fortunately we have a lot of Mother- daughter duos that frequently take classes at Paper Crown. I so wish my mom was alive, she was my first " art " teacher and introduced me to the wonders of Modge Podge- it's old- and Flair Flowers in Tulsa.

Another Mom Daughter duo, Lisa & Libbe, a duct tape artist!

Last Saturday's class with their completed, Miss Pumpkins. I heard rumblings for some sort of repeat class-
 possibly a Snow Queen!  I think you were a hit Miss Bobbie!

Last night was Jackie's Haunted book class. It is always a treat when I get to participate. Thought this would be a cute Halloween decoration for those cuties at the Kappa Kapital in Waco. Thanks again for a wonderful evening Jackie!

Truth be told I didn't actually finish- had to run Em back and forth from football -so I posed with Jackie's sample! Everyone else finished and what a fun night. We were glad to have Sissy with us last night, she had to leave a tad bit early and missed the picture. We are glad you are feeling better Sissy and can't wait until you are back to " regular" class status!
If you don't see your smiling face you missed out but hopefully you can make one - or several- of the upcoming classes. Prior blog postings have a list of Fall classes and there is at least one opening in all the remaining classes.

I think Paper Crown is definitely
"Where Women Create ! "  


  1. Catchy title Miss Cindy Lou! I love it! And we do have so many talented gals who create beautifully! Thank you for the Paper Crown so we can create!

  2. CiNdY...just a thank you for providing us with such a great place for us to create, relax, have fun, be with friends & of course, shop...!