Monday, November 5, 2012

Coming Home

It was homecoming in Waco this weekend. A very fun but exhausting weekend. Baylor has the oldest Homecoming celebration in the country; 103 years old. I also think it is an absolutely brilliant marketing scheme and explains why so many generations of families attending BU. 

There was the bonfire and pep rally
Katie's roommates getting ready .
Pigskin is a musical review put on by the sororities and fraternities. The top 8 acts from the spring perform the following Homecoming at Pigskin. Katie's sorority, Kappa, was the first place winner. It was a Phantom of the Opera type act. Half were masquerade dancers and the other half "jester" party crashers. The jesters all wore fun makeup and ratted their hair into these crazy styles. Katie wanted to be a jester but she has way too much hair- it would have blocked out too many people.
Sat.  Homecoming Parade

Hutton and Lexie in front of Katie's float- which won. It is a great year to be a Kappa
Katie & Hutton- two Baylor beauties! 

Austin and Lexi checking out the SAE float

Em, Katie and Payne

And after a weather delay, the Bears beat the Jay Hawks!  What college visit would not be complete without mom's lasagna and brownies, a trip to the grocery store and a couple of loads of wash!
It was a good weekend and it was topped off by Payne finding out he had been accepted to Baylor and all his hard work has paid off with a nice scholarship. It was a good weekend to be a Bear!
Thank you for indulging me. Fran and Cheryl will can verify what a special and fun weekend. Bears are coming to my home this weekend, not so sure it will be as fun. Sic Em Bears!  
Now it's off to getting ready for Christmas at the store.    


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  1. What an awesome post Cindy!!! What a great family!!! XOXO