Friday, June 7, 2013

A Guy Who Creates

If you are a Tim Holtz follower you are going to love this post. We have all of Tim's latest and greatest to give your project that "industrial chic" feel. Metal pieces galore, fragments, cabinet cards, distress inks and reinkers, new paper line French Industrial, and my two new favorites- the alarm clock and locket.

My sister and I learned early on that Daddy wouldn't go " sky's the limit" on clothes, dolls or jewelry but if we asked for anything mechanical, we hit the jackpot. A bike, mixer, washing machine- I actually got a knitting machine from my dad when I turned 3 . Dad clearly disregarded those recommended ages on gifts or used that opportunity to practice his math skills and multiply it by 3. Nevertheless, Tom Payne civil engineer, would have loved Tim Holtz and I would have had a full collection by the age of 5.

Come check out our huge selection of "scrapbook engineering products"- guess I did get a tiny bit of you after all Dad!

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  1. Love it! Your dad would be so proud of his daughter who carried this line of products in a paper art store...............