Monday, June 15, 2015

Up This Week

Here's a quick recap of classes the week of June 15th. We have a couple of openings in each so it is not too late. if interested in signing up call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389.

Beginning Brush Calligraphy
tomorrow, Tues., June 16th
Krystal, $60
Time to Shine
Thurs., June 18th
Jackie, $40
I think this will be a good week for new products so check the blog.
Also all of the Stephanie Ackerman classes have reached our normal capacity and he can fit in just a few more so if you are interested I would call within the next few days or you will be sorry.
Debby Schuh sent some pictures this morning of the inside of her Atlas Travel Album. Debby has been waiting for the papers to arrive so she could finish and they finally came while she was in Italy.

Atlas Travel Album
Fri., July 10th
Debby, $65

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