Monday, August 24, 2015

we had the BESTEST weekend

Em used to say that when he was little and it's pretty self explanatory- a Sat. with everyone home, all his favorite meals, a trip to the park, ice cream and he gets to stay up late. It really can't get any better! Well, the lucky ladies who signed up for Stephanie Ackerman's classes this weekend feel just like Em!

Apparently my camera just couldn't take in all that color, all those smiles or all that creativity because it won't download my picture to the store computer. I will post pictures tonight but just wanted to thank everyone who traveled near and far to attend, all of you who helped to make everything run smoothly and especially  Stephanie for leaving her family for the weekend- and missing her son's first scrimmage of the season- and teaching us til our hearts were full and our hand covered in paint! It was a fun, fun weekend and one we will cherish - until 2016! We want you back Stephanie!

That missing Ranger box we were waiting on Fri. & Sat. arrived this am so those of you that haven't stopped creating, we have a some new stencils and distress paint and markers.

Thank you again Stephanie, you're the bestest!

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