Thursday, February 4, 2016

Come Join Me

When I bought the shop over 10 yrs ago (wow has it been that long) it was because I liked to create. At the time it was play sets and costumes, classroom bulletin boards, auction projects, auction decorations, bday decorations, bday invitations and I thought having a store full of stuff would make it that much easier. I was wrong- with the store came ordering, unpacking, processing, displaying, and a lot of paper work. For the past 10 yrs the only time I have made something has been for a deadline or specific purpose. And looking at my first sentence it appears it has been going on much longer than that.

However long, long ago there was a time when I made something just because I wanted to, because I enjoyed the process and that sense of accomplishment and pride when it was finished or at least the lessons I learned from my attempt. There was a time when art/ creating wasn't work.

Last night I began my envelop for the swap, initially out of a sense of obligation but somewhere in all that coloring and painting the joy came back. This was fun!

I'm glad so many of you are much quicker studies and have enjoyed the fun that is offered at the store through all of our varied teachers and classes. For those of you who have had that light hidden for a while, I encourage you to join me. We have a great week of classes and I'm going to join them and have some fun!

Duo of Hearts
 tonight, Feb. 4th
Jackie, $45
Envelop Swap
Due Sat., Feb. 6th
who knows it could be the start of something fun!
Agate Watercolor
Tues., Feb. 9th
Angie, $45
These are beautiful! you will paint 6 water color agate slices and you decide what to do with them- a grouping , individual prints or turn them in t o the hippest cards. If this class is just Angie and myself I am doing it- I love them that much!
My Encaustic Heart -II
Wed., Feb. 10th
Medeah, $55
Medeah had some extra hearts so we decided to do round two. This is an easy , fun and little messy class- encaustic for dummies is like decopodging with bees wax. They all turned out different and all beautiful. A relaxing class!
Fabric Marbling
Thurs., Feb. 11th
Chris, $50
I can not wait! I have done paper marbling with Chris and it is such a fun, fun class! Sometimes the colors and design in the tray is not what presents itself when you pull out the paper, or in our case fabric, and that is part of the thrill. If you haven't taken a marbling class you are missing out. Some of you have asked what you would do with it. The same thing you do with all those pretties you buy at Paper Crown, horde it until that perfect project presents itself. It won't take long because these fabrics will be inspiration worthy.  
Come join me!
To sign up call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389
also don't forget our Trifecta Sale-
Fri, Sat, Sun
.10, .99, 3.99
backroom of Paper Crown
Fri 10-5
Sat 10-4
Sun 1-3:30

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