Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's All Good

Of all the many boxes I get to open, when these arrive, I am at my happy place. A box full of gorgeous colors and softness. I adore this velvet. So much so that I kinda hide it a few days just so I can enjoy the full spectrum of colors before they disappear one roll at a time. It's time to share though...

Big Sigh!!!
For some reason anytime I have a big event (retreat) I seem to think it's the perfect time to tackle some cleaning/organizing project rather than working on the task at hand. Once we took the3 very small kids on an overseas vacation at Christmas. However, instead of packing strollers, diapers, a mountain of clothes (this was before bag restrictions) and ski stuff, I decided to clean my entire basement (possibly the last time it has all been clean). Well, true to form I did it again. However yesterday's little whirlwind has resulted in lots of goodies on the .99 and 3.99 tables. I wasn't intending for a sale but it just happened. Soooo come and shop some great deals and help me make room for our Glitter Retreat at the end of the month.     

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