Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Love Me This House

I was called out yesterday for using "poor grammar." I think the exact words were "you are an English major and even worked for Dr. Wortman." well Mr. Smarty Pants the phrase " I Love Me Some Home" comes from the lyrics of Home by Johnnyswim ( If you aren't familiar I highly recommend you check them out on iTunes) who just happens to be the opening song on Fixer Upper which seemed quite appropriate. And guess what, I'm doing it again today!

One perk from our weekend with Stephanie was in addition to taking a special bible journaling class from The talented, nicest and inspiring Stephanie, we were able to be awash in all things Magnolia.

I have driven by these silos hundreds of times over the past 30 yrs and until recently haven't given them much of a second thought. They really were kind of an eye sore and a forgotten reminder of what built Waco. The Gaines vision has changed all of that and they taken a forgotten piece of Waco history and turned it into one of Waco's biggest assets.

Our Paper Crown group with bags galore!

Even if you don't like shopping it is worth it just to see the complex and how well it is created. To have that spectacular sense of vision is an impressive talent. There is the main building with the home goods, the bakery which I think we missed opening by a day or two- but we got delicious free lemon lavendar cupcakes without the wait so add that to our list of blessings, a seed and gardening store and the open area with picnic tables , shelter, games for the kids and food trucks. All that attention to detail makes me exhausted! And the shopping is great, definitely worth a stop!

Lunch at Olive Branch one of Katie's favorites and where her roommate Hannah worked while at BU.
Ya'll are officially in Bear Countrty!

Another favorite Manny's on the River. It's a Dallas favorite and they opened last year in Waco. Great huge outdoor patio but since we were going to be outside all day Saturday we opted for AC.

Drum Roll Please.....
Magnolia House

Deep, Deep Sigh !

 I forgot to post a picture yesterday of all the Bible covers created

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  1. Love these pictures, Cindy! How fun! Thanks for sharing them! Liz C.