Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Guest Artist Julie Haymaker Coming in July

One of my wishes for 2017 was to have a special guest artist come to Paper Crown each month. We have had an impressive collection of old friends such as Stephanie Ackerman and Terri Brush and new friends who feel like they have been here for years such as Colleen Moody and the adorable Jenn McGlon.

I'm excited to announce that Julie Haymaker will be at the store for three days in July teaching her whimsical style of jewelry making with her wonderful twist - shrink charms. In the past, we have used shrink on paper dolls and various projects but I think this might be our first time with jewelry!

This spring Julie came out with wonderfully handy wooden molds that make forming the shrink a breeze. We will be utilizing Julie's new molds in class and will have our first shipment at the store arriving soon.

If you haven't seen the class samples, they are on display at the store and the detailing is amazing. Unfortunately, sometimes photos just can't capture all the beauty of a project. You need to come see these beauties in person!

Join us for a fun weekend creating something I bet you have never done before. For those of you who follow the store from out of town, this is the perfect opportunity to experience a wonderful weekend of Paper Crown. Sign up for all three of Julie's classes and you will receive a 30% off shopping for the entire weekend. According to our dear friend Nan, this is one class you don't want to miss!

Fri., July 21st
Julie Haymaker, $90 
Feather my Nest with Love
Sat., July 22rd
Julie Haymaker, $120
Wrap my Heart in Flowers
Sun., July 23rd
Julie Haymaker, $120
To sign up for classes call
Paper Crown at 405 848-2389
We hope you will join us in
this creative weekend event

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