Friday, December 1, 2017

Kool Kats in the Kool Kicks class

Just a quick reminder to all of you who signed up for the Kool Kicks class next Thursday, Dec.7th with Chris. We need your shoes, hat or whatever you are marbling at the store by noon Monday, Dec. 4th. These items have to be prepared for marbling and if they aren't here by Monday, you won't be able to marble. It is going to be such a unique and fun class we don't want you to miss out!

 Kool Kicks! *
Thurs., Dec. 7th
you must have your shoes or item to marble at the store by Mon., Dec. 4th
Chris, $30
*White or light colored (light grey, beige, light tan) shoes/caps work best.  Your shoes/cap should be canvas or a natural material if possible.  If your shoes have laces, decide if you want the laces marbled (if you want the laces marbled then the tongue of the shoe will not be completely marbled).  If not, please leave the laces at home.  Please put your name on the bottom of each shoe or inside the ball cap using a permanent marker (a piece of paper inside the cap headband will make sure the permanent marker doesn't bleed through).  Natural materials tend to shrink a bit so get a loose fitting pair of shoes or an adjustable cap (I will be stuffing the shoes with newspaper once they are wet to help them retain their shape) .  Please email Chris at if you have any questions.

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