Thursday, February 22, 2018

Crazy Weather!

Ice, sleet, thunderstorms, we have had it all these past few days. Due to the icy conditions, we will remain closed today : (  Tomorrow and Saturday look great, 50's, so we shouldn't have any issues with Jenn's class. We still have a few openings left so if you are ready to get out this weekend and spend time with the sweetest teacher and the nicest girls making the most adorable doll bust, give us a call. Just leave a message  on the store answering machine or send me an email and I will get in touch with you tomorrow.

Doll Bust
this Sat., Feb. 24th
Jenn McGlon, Noodle and Lou
To sign up for Jenn's class, call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389.
I have a feeling all my boxes are traveling around in the UPS and FedEx trucks. Since we have a large class this weekend, round 2 of the new lines probably won't make it out until next week. I will try my best tomorrow but no promises. You are always welcome to call the store and see if it is out. 
  Safe safe and warm!

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