Friday, June 17, 2011


For weeks Katie has been telling me to get new beaded bracelets. Funny at 19 she still believes, actually  feels even more passionately, that I have a grove of money trees in the backyard (do I sound like my parents or what). Today her wish came true and 400 new bright summery bracelets arrived at the store. They are beautiful and look like a delicious bowl of Neapolitan ice cream! yum yum!  Come get them while the picking is still good. The bracelets from Nepal would make a fun little gift to stick in a care package from home.

Also arriving today, another new Basic Grey line, Out of Print.   Very fun and almost every sheet has some type of newsprint.  Forecast for tomorrow is "sweating hot" as Em said so swing by the store to cool off and take a gander at all the new pretties! If you are from out of town don't worry, we would be happy to ship anything you see on the blog just give us a buzz.  Stay cool!


  1. love the new bracelets, good job katie...! don't know if you ladies heard the news...but i will not be at the store on thursdays anymore, well maybe to shop...anyway, it has been fun to be a small part of the pc, but most of all, it has been my pleasure getting to know you, all the sweet customers who make me smile!!! i am sure i'll see some of you in a jackie class and, after i'm settled in my new job, maybe i'll teach a class or two...see everybody at mix & mingle soon. ...franc...

  2. The Out of Print paper by Basic Grey is amazing! I LOVE it. I wanted to buy it all, every piece, but I didn't. I can't wait to use it. It is so fun. I can't wait to see the new bracelets even though my 2 yr. old likes to put them in my purse. She has great taste. Hope you are enjoying your new job Franc.