Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proud Mamas

This camper was the only one to use dark colors- it was absolutely beautiful and I love her uniqueness of vision!

If you happened to drop by Paper Crown at the end of the last week, you know it was a hub of activity. We had 16 very talented and so very well behaved kiddos for our mini Kid's Camp. We had a great time coloring our paint aprons, creating an amazing mixed media canvas, rolling paper to make the cutest frame, creating some shrinky dinks- well not so much- I forgot those darn things have to dry forever, black smudges shrink just as well as beautifully colored stamps just not so pretty, and  eating frozen chocolate covered bananas! 

Love, love, love this bug! She also was her own person and did her flowers in pastels. She wants to come help once a week so she will be all trained by the time she is a teenager.
 I hope I can be so lucky!  

Winner of the best paint apron- told her she needed to have her mom iron her apron before she washes it. Her response was she would tell her dad, he is the one that does all the ironing- man how did you get so lucky Amy!
Another beautiful painting and a quick shot of the frame- so easy but so cute! She is not only an artist but also quite the gymnast.

 This is "Pink Ellie." She got that nickname because everything was PINK! As you can guess her frame was also in all shades of pink and fit her to a tee. She and her friend were the youngest campers but you definitely could not tell from their paintings. Both of their roses were amazing- I wish we all could have their artistic sense of freedom and confidence.

These two finished up today and did an excellent job.  It was fun having them at the store this morning and being able to spend a little one on one.

More pictures later, I have a few campers that are on vacation and haven't picked up their art yet. It was fun for everyone and I even got a little help from my big kiddos- the little girls loved Katie, she looks like Barbie. Katie actually came to camp the first day dressed in a beautiful WHITE max dress. Katie bug was dressed for the runway not camp with 16 kiddos armed with loaded paintbrushes. After surveying the scene for about 10 mins she took me up on the apron offer; however,  it didn't coordinate with her ensemble : (  While Katie had the little girls entertained, Payne, my very handsome 16 yr old son, had the older girls whispering. It was a win win for everyone. 

If you missed June's mini Kid's Camp we are having a 4 day camp in June and July with different projects for each session. Cost is $200 and includes four days of creating. Dates and times are:

July 18th-21st  9:30-12:30 or 2-5
Aug. 1st-4th 9:30-12:30 or 2-5

Adults don't forget to sign up for KC Willis class on September 24th, 10-4
More info at or see previous Paper Crown blog " Special Treat"
Robin Thomas' blog also has a great introdution to KC's work- you can just click on Robin's blog on the left under "favorites"- great job Robin

New Prima, 7 Gypsies and Echo Park just in - pics tomorrow 

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  1. Ellie's mother is James' cousin! I love that she was there!

    When my little comedian is old enough, I'm bringing her to your camp, Cindy!