Monday, August 6, 2012


When your new pup looks like this it's not a great time to take her to the beach or the kennel so the end of last week we decided to have a staycation.  Before you feel sorry know that we all have been on vacation this summer- just not all 7 of us- we are almost the Brady bunch- all together.

Our first staycation stop was Waco to paint Katie's new house. Last year Katie lived in the " Kappa Kastle" and believe me it lived up to the name. Granite cabinets, everyone had their own room and bath, two kitchens, two living rooms, upstairs and downstairs wrap around porch- I wanted to live there. This looked absolutely nothing like what I lived in at college.

This year is a little different story. Katie is living in the house her dad lived in at Baylor in the early 80's. No more castle or even central heat or air. However it is painted a crayola box of colors and the girls love it- of course no one has had to sleep there in 100 degree heat except poor Hannah.

Austin and the boys repainted the "pepto" pink to a soft peach and mom added vines and a few birds. Katie wanted it to look like her room at home. Nice to see everyone helping out- maybe this was better than the beach.

Next couple of days where spent in our southern home- Dallas. Since Austin and I live in different cities during the week, he refers to them as the southern and northern home. Definitely sounds more impressive than it is!  Did a little buying for the store, more on that later this week and spent the day at Burger Lake in Ft. Worth. Very fun a man made lake with high dives, trapeze, and slides. Only hitch- my hair still smells like the lake.

Thanks to Caroline who held down the fort for our staycation. Now it's back to work.

Second session of kid's camp begins this afternoon and runs through Thursday. I'll keep you posted on the kiddos creations.

A big surprise for everyone at the end of the week- I promise to fill you in on Wednesday but you won't want to miss!

New goodies that arrived while we were gone...

    Stay  Tuned for this Weekend's Surprise!

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