Monday, April 29, 2013

Glitter Girl Linda Land

Our second featured Glitter Market vendor is Linda Land. I don't think Linda would mind me calling her glitter girl because I know she is a fan of that shiny, messy stuff.

Linda is one of the most talented and the most humble artists I know. She has actually said to me" what would I teach and who would want to take a class from me" Seriously!!! All of us who know her realize what an amazingly talented and kind person she is. I hope someday she truly realizes how very special she is.

Linda and I met when Katie was in kindergarten and her daughter Emma was in first grade. Linda did all the play backdrops and costumes- not and easy act to follow. For years I wanted  the Linda Land painting at the school auction but was always out bid. I had the mind set "I just want a Linda Land painting." I looked around the house and I have four. Apparently I still have that mindset as I snatch her lastest creation. Yes, I have my eyes set on one from this spring's Glitter Market but I'm not about to tell you which one.


Here is some good Linda Trivia. If you are a fan of Iron Starr, you will recall those large cowgirl and cowboy paintings hanging in the restaurant- Linda did those. Also the collaborative floral painting we have done in Kid's camp and for an adult class- Linda was the original- which kinda makes me a copy cat ; ( There I owned it, sorry friend.

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  1. You are too kind!!
    Looking forward another Glitter Market!
    Love, Linda