Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Can I Say

Don't you just love this picture!

Really what can I say about Jackie other than she is "practically perfect in very possible way." If you have ever seen her unpack for class or Glitter Market you will swear she has a magic carpet bag just like Mary Poppins.

Jackie has taught more classes than I can count, been the driving force in Glitter Market- and that long line waiting to get in, and my encourager and helper in all things Paper Crown. She will have an amazing  stash of goodies for sale on Saturday but here is just a small sample of what you can expect....

It will be easy to find Jackie's table on Saturday- just follow the mob!

Glitter Market
Sat., May 4th
 9321 N. Penn.


  1. Sure wish I could be there! I take an semiannual trek to Paper Crown every time I visit my mother in OKC! You guys are my drug of choice!!! I've never gotten to go to Glitter Market but will definitely plan my trip for that date next year. Does Jackie have a blog?

  2. I do adore La Jackie... I'll have to come so I can see her stuff!

    -kory k