Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let the Competition Begin!

This beauty was created by Holly Abston.
At the end of August, Paper Crown is having a big event- an eighth birthday! What does every 8 year old want but a BIG celebration. There will be birthday themed classes, cake and party favors, presents- for you our Paper Crown customers a Big Sale on our birthday weekend and of course, some games and a little competition!

One of the first things anyone new to Paper Crown comments on is our wonderful crown collection lining the walls of the store. We had that first crown contest 7 years ago when we moved to our current location and changed our name to "Paper Crown." The crowns are looking a little tired so I decided a new Crown contest would be a great creative way to celebrate our 8th birthday.

Rules are simple, come by the store and pick up your crown form- or use your own- and Create! Crowns will be due Saturday, August  24th  and the winner announced the weekend of our Fall Retreat with Debby Schuh, Sept. 6. Grand prize winner will get a $100 gift certificate to use for products at your favorite art store Paper Crown.  We would appreciate it if you would let us use your crown to decorate he store.

Those of you from out of town can also join in the fun. Crown entries can be mailed to
 Paper Crown, 9303 N. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK 73120.

Thank you for helping us celebrate 8 wonderful years in business!

Crowns courteous of Pinterest


  1. Ooooh so fun! Can't wait to start mine and I have the perfect little model!

  2. Can the crown be made out of any material we choose?....can't wait!!!

  3. Any material you want. I can't wait to see everyone's creations!