Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunday Drive in the Country

Sunday Austin and I took a little Sunday drive in the country. I'm probably showing my age but growing up I can remember doing this with my parents on Sunday afternoons. My sister and I hated it but it was better than the alternative- an afternoon nap. What I wouldn't give for that now; we weren't  very smart kiddos- or just needed a different perspective.

Actually we took Hutton down to her camp in the TX hill country and decided to take a little country side trip on the way home.

These are passion flowers. It was my mom's favorite and grew like crazy on the farm where she grew up.


It was a perfect afternoon for a little peace and quiet- and some dreaming. Only down side, Lexie came home with a coat of stickers which I picked out on that long ride to the city.
Enjoy this beautiful day and our lovely weather. What a summer treat!

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