Monday, March 24, 2014

Queen For a Day

Every once in a while I get to do something really neat just because I have the store- and some awfully special friends! Two weeks ago in the midst of all my hustle and bustle and stuff that seemed so very important, I had the privilege of taking a break and getting my priorities back on track.

Many of you know Kay, she has been a vendor and helper at Glitter Market, a favorite customer, an artistic student but probably best know as volunteer extraordinaire! Someday I want to be Kay but I know I'm not as selfless- gotta work on that.

Through Kay's volunteer work at Children's Hospital she met Michaela. Michaela is the sweetest most appreciative 12 yr old on the planet and she lives in Zimbabwe, a very long ways from the prairies of OK. When Michaela was 8 she was diagnosed with Scoliosis and 18 months ago, it had gotten quite severe and she desperately need an operation. Unfortunately, there wasn't a surgeon on her entire continent that was qualified to do the operation.

However, her dad is a professional guide and hunter in Zimbabwe and had lead an OKC doctor several times over the past few years. Oklahomans' generosity prevailed and on Dec. 31st, Michaela, her parents and 16 yr old brother came to OK for her operation. After 3 operations Michaela is doing great and before she returned to Africa last week, she was Queen for a day.

What a great day for a 12 year old and her family- limo, hairdo, manicure, visit to a bank vault, a radio spot, meeting with Ms. Oklahoma and a tour of OU stadium with Coach Stoops. Michaela also made a stop at Paper Crown for some scrap booking.

I asked her brother, Jordan, if he was excited to get home. I know any time Emory is away from his posse of buds, it is like torture to him. Jordan said not really, he said they only have electricity for a couple of days a week and water for a couple of hours a day. I might have that mixed up but you get the point. Wow, my busy schedule, to do list and computer issues are really absolutely nothing.

I think God blessed me with that event first, to meet an amazing young lady and secondly, as a little reality check. I so appreciate that he loves me enough to rein me in when I'm getting out of whack. Thanks Jackie and Kay for the opportunity. Have a great week and maybe we all need to stop and count our blessings when everything seems to be going too fast- never know what might happen!


  1. A truly sweet story! Thanks for sharing these photos and story to all those including me advantage of all we have been blessed with!

  2. Just beautiful..thanks for sharing <3