Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What a Weekend!

You know those movie marathons they have on the weekends, well Paper Crown added our own crafty twist to that and had a Character Construction paper doll weekend. Three paper doll classes in two days, a group of fun students, the best treats bar none and the world's best and probably a little tired teacher, Jackie.

We started off the weekend with the travel journal. nothing like starting off
with a bang.

We had a lot of new students in this class on Friday. Welcome Greg, Anson, Joyce, Sondra & Debbie!

Santos Saturday!

We had three student who traveled to Paper Crown for class. Greg and Anson came from CA. we hope they will make the trip to OKC again soon. Maybe next time Greg can teach us his passion.

What a fun group. So fun for Bobbie to be in the student role as opposed to teaching.

Last but not least, this fun patriotic pinwheel just in time for the 4th!

Always a couple in every class : )

Greg, Jackie & Anson all smiles after two glitter filled days!
Greg & Anson thank you for joining us this weekend. we loved having you and look forward to your return.


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