Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of...

Whew!! What a crazy couple of weeks. Most of it leading up to today- Katie's first classroom, Payne's first day of his sophomore year at Baylor, Griff's first day of college and Hutton's first day of her junior year in HS. Poor Em he started school a couple of weeks ago but had a pretty big first last week, first time playing with the Varsity team at Bishop McGuiness.

Thought you might like a pictorial recap of the past few weeks- in fast forward.

 The end of summer rush began with a week of Kid's Camp. So mad at myself for not taking pictures of the kiddos- but honestly we were so busy painting, cutting, gluing and creating. It was a fun group of 8 ranging from 3 grade to 8th grade. I am always amazed at what they have accomplished by the end of the week; so much better than ANYTHING I could ever come up with. We did a collage of the USA and no one complained about all the cutting, a collection of four painting, a sharpie mug, clay molding and a floral wreath. Great Job Girls- you inspire me!

The next week was a frantic call from Katie, overwhelmed at the very blank classroom she needed to transform in a few days.

Not very fun for a second grader.
But with a lot of cutting, gluing and laminating, the kiddos were welcomed this am to this...


A very special thank you to all of you who have helped Katie get ready for this big day- you have offered sage teaching advice, supplied her classroom library and made treats for her kiddos' first day. Katie and I are both blown away by your kindness and generosity.

These guys don't look too menacing do they? Looks can be deceiving. Mine is the cheesiest one on the end- always the comedian


In between those weeks we had a Birthday Soiree thrown by Bobbie and Jackie and a big sale last weekend.

Whew! all that leading to one more first- the first day I have had a chance to unpack ALL the many boxes in the back. New goodies coming out everyday this week- My Mind's Eye, Fancy Pants, Bella Blvd, Prima, Doodlebug and more.

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