Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End the Year on a High Note

Last week as I was shuffling around the store trying to get things done before I left for a white Christmas in Colorado, I quickly unpacked a box from Somerset Studios. I knew it was magazines and thought great reading material for the long drive to Pagosa Springs. When a new shipment comes in, I always flip through them quickly and pull the ones I want to read for home.

As I was flipping through Somerset Life, my eye caught a picture of a darn good replica of our chandelier. My first thought was, who copied our chandelier and then when I looked at the following page......


Our Spring Glitter Retreat was published in Somerset Life!  
I will admit I screamed- Robn can attest to that. We have a 6 page spread with some beautiful pictures- thanks to Savannah. Thank you Bobbie, Holly, Jackie, Medeah, Savannah and the 24 wonderful attendees to our first Paper Crown Glitter Retreat. Because of YOU we are ending the year on an incredible high.
We have copies of Somerset Life at the store and more on order if you would like to share in our surprise.
Thank you again for supporting the store, our teachers and Glitter Retreat.
p.s. - Yes, Austin you were mentioned in a Somerset publication first but I have a picture : )