Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It was a Relaxing Weekend

Believe it or not that is what Debby said at dinner on Saturday night after teaching four classes in less than 48 hours. Seems pretty remarkable when you think about it ; however, it's a testament to Debby's organization and preparedness and the kind, helpful students we have at Paper Crown.

Another great weekend Debby; it is always a pleasure to have you teach at the store and I love that everyone goes home with a finish project and a slew of new ideas to inspire. Thanks ladies for making me and the store look so good. Honestly we are getting a reputation for being one of the best places to teach, heck I have teachers calling me wanting to come!

 Debby's Atlas Travel Album class. It was a good warm up to the sold out classes that followed.

It was nice to have Cassie here from Amarillo. Suzy and Sunny, who had traveled with Debby on her trip to NYC, surprised her Saturday and came from Kansas and Colorado.

 Lisa, Debbie, Heidi and Candace took all four of Debby's classes and went home with lots of inspiration!

Thanks for a great weekend Debby!

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