Friday, September 11, 2015

Game Day

Austin calls this mom's football tour- three teams, two kiddos, one cute girlfriend, two states and 580 miles. It's football season!
Last Thursday I got to watch Hutton lead her cheer squad (she is the cutie on the front row left). Hutton is a senior at Woodrow Wilson in Dallas. I don't get to make as many of her games as I would like because she and Em usual have games on the same night. Love it when one of them has a Thursday night game because I can usually hit both. 

Tonight the Fighting Irish take on Bishop Kelly. Em is the center . Mom would appreciate any prayers for an injury free game. A friend and I talked about this a few weeks ago, we love watching our boys play but sometimes it's a little hard. Stephanie's son is playing tonight too, how about a prayer for two injury free games. 

Finally Saturday it's a trip to Waco to cheer on the Bears and hopefully see these two for a second.  
Go Wildcats, Irish & Bears!

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