Thursday, October 1, 2015


We thought we needed one more Halloween class, Especially one that features all of Tim Holtz fun new products. This "spooky" Halloween class is taught by resided Tim Holtz expert, Kent Mullins. Kent is a pastor by day and a master creator in his spare time. You will love this Halloween boards using all of the new Tim Holtz products.

SpOoKy  BoArD
Tues., Oct 20th
Kent, $45
To sign up for class call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389
How is your Pumpkin Coming?
While Kent was dropping off his class sample he also brought this beautiful fall pumpkin for our pumpkin swap. featuring what else but  Tim Holtz dies, stains and tokens. This rainy weekend might be the perfect time to work on your swap. Just grab any medium sized pumpkin, 6-8 inches, and let your creativity flow. It can be either Halloween or fall themed, or anything else you imagine. Pumpkins due at the store on Mon., Oct. 12th and your swap can be picked up on  Sat., Oct. 17th.
We hope you will join the fun and help us create a pumpkin patch for Girdie!

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