Wednesday, November 11, 2015


On of my favorite gifts from Italy is always the beautiful marbled papers that are in tiny shops all over Florence and Venice. Each time I go to Italy it is always a staple that I bring home- and then horde because it isn't easy to find in the states.

When Chris told me she knew how to marble paper I admit I was a bit skeptical. Would it be as gorgeous as the rolls I had seen in Italy and if it was, would it be so difficult that our efforts would be a disappointment.

I am thrilled to say it is every bit as stunning as the papers made in Italy and since Chris has done all the mixing and prepping, it is actually so easy and very, very fun. Each time we pulled out the paper it was like a magical surprise. I felt like little kiddos at Christmas!


The Marbling classes are limited to 6 and we have a second class scheduled for Thurs., Dec. 10th at 5:30. At this moment there is ONE spot left, so let's see who has the quickest fingers. I will also be taking names for a class in January of 2016. There are also rumblings of a fabric marbling class in the new year.
Thanks Chris for a fun evening.  We love it and are so glad you spoke up.
 Let the race begin!
To sign up, call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389.  

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  1. This was SO much fun, and you're right - every result was magical! Thank you to Chris and to you, Cindy, for a wonderful class!