Monday, November 2, 2015

What A Treat!

What a very special treat we had last week! For a couple of years (since I returned from the Chateau Getaway retreat) Kaari Meng of French General has been on my bucket list of guest teachers I would love to have at Paper Crown. As plans worked out, I was lucky enough to cross her off my list last week. Actually I just moved Kaari from my bucket list to my " I' really want to make you a regular" list.

Kaari was in Oklahoma meeting with her interior fabric manufacturers and graciously took a very circuitous trip down to OKC ( I got a little too involved in our conversation and ended up a little or a lot off track).

Kaari's first class was the Deconstructed Jewelry class. The girls took bits and segments from previous pieces, added their own beads and design and created a unique necklace. Something kind of different for Paper Crown but oh so fun! With such gorgeous beads and baubles to choose from how could you go wrong.  Kaari shared with us how French General got started and how she was one of the first jewelry designers for Anthroplogie.


Kaari's second class at Paper Crown was a Boro & Sashiko stitching class. Kaari explained the Japanese history of the boro, patching and sashiko, stitching and then we got to work. Selecting the patches for our bags was difficult because all of Kaari's French General and antique fabrics were gorgeous. Once our patch was completed, the sashiko stitching began.

We all had a great time with Kaari. She is a Paper Crown favorite, so informative, helpful and creative. Rumor has it she will be in OK for a meeting in August so keep your fingers crossed. These two classes were just the tip of Kaari's creativity.
 Here are some paper dolls Jackie made for Kaari using her French General papers. If you couldn't make the class or just missed Kaari's paper kits, I have a few left at the store and you can get your French General " fix" until next summer.

If you are thinking about foreign retreat   I highly recommend you check out French General's Chateau Getaway, It was absolutely magical and I can't wait until I can return!

Thanks Kaari!   It was a most wonderful treat having you here and we can't wait until August!!

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