Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's a Great Start- January Classes

I don't think it's a complete January class list but a great and fun start.

Valentine Paper Dolls
Thurs., Jan. 21st
Jackie, $40
Paper Marbling
Sat., Jan. 23rd
Brush Calligraphy Class and Digitizing
Tues., Jan. 19th
Krystal, $100
What We'll Do:
This class is truly meant for someone that has never picked up a brush pen and wants to learn calligraphy. If you can write with a pen, you can learn this art. All ages are welcome. We will begin with the correct way to hold a brush pen and learn the basics of ink flow.  We will then dive right in with practices and techniques to get you on the right track. You will learn the basic script forms to get you started. Next we will go over the various modern calligraphy alphabets that can be created with different brush strokes.  We will also go over flourishes and different ways to alter your calligraphy. Lastly, you will learn how  to digitize your artwork so you can create stamps, notecards, etc. I will be available to answer all questions and guide you every step of the way. 
What You'll Get:

2 brush pens | tracing paper pad  | various practice alphabets  |  practice guides | an entire book on ways to create a personal style with brush calligraphy   | sips and snacks | extra goodies 
Watercolor Calligraphy Class
 Sat., Jan. 30th
More info coming soon

To sign up for class, call Paper Crown
at 405 848-2389. 
Have you joined the planner craze? 
If so, let us know. We are planning a monthly planner night and would love to have you join us!  

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