Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's Hereeeeeee!

This wasn't scheduled on the blog (trying to be more organized in 2016) for today but when I opened this box, I couldn't wait and decided it would be the PERFECT second treat for 2016! Ladies please don't expect this every day of 2016, that would be amazing but I don't think any of us could handle that much excitement.

Think of this as the treat that keeps on giving with a big fireworks show in June!

The Stephanie Ackerman Documented Faith monthly planner packs have arrived.

This kit is even neater than I thought; January's contains a sheet of stickers, notepad, wooden word, cutest arrow clips, journaling prompt book, 4 motivational cards & 4 coloring cards. I'm very impressed with this kit and I think you all will be also. I believe each month is centered around a word and January's is "pray." January's kit is available and can be shipped to those of you from out of town.

Since so many of you are doing Stephanie's Documented Faiths planner and so many other planners, we are thinking of hosting a planner night once a month at Paper Crown. If you are interested please let me know.

On that same note, Stephanie's Documented Faith planners and monthly stitch kits should also be at the store the first part of next week.

 Woo hoo we can all get our friend fix until the weekend of June 17th when, drum roll please... Stephanie will be at Paper Crown.  I was beyond excited when Stephanie asked to come back- my response was a hearty of course! We haven't decided on classes nor has registration opened up but I promise you will know when it does and for now,  just block off that weekend.

January is starting off pretty well I would say!

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