Friday, July 22, 2016

Our Trip to Pacific NW

Last fall when Terri Brush taught at Paper Crown she offered a special " Art Camp for Paper Crown girls" and it quickly filled with Okies dying to have another class or two with the talented Terri Brush and escape the OK summer heat. We thought it would never get there but finally.....

Red eye flights are not our favorites but we are troopers!

We had six jam packed days in Seattle, Chehalis & Portland filled with early mornings (only negative), sightseeing, conquering our fears ( heights and the soldering iron), scrumptious food, donuts, laughter, most amazing studio/ home, new friendships, more donuts, great shopping, ice cream, new favorites, royal treatment and hospitality and creative fellowship- priceless!

This car had tons of room compared to the other. Some of us, me, could use a class on packing light. Always next time



Fears conquered and rest of us got to go on a Ferris wheel ride
We were all in awe of the flower market. Absolutely stunning!


collaboration between Pendleton and Chihuly

Wish I would have gotten a t-shirt from this colorfully named breakfast spot

A lovely lunch on Puget Sound


Terri's home and studio in Chehalis is a dream, light, spacious and beautiful. We were all ready to throw down a sleeping bag and just stay.




Terri claims she doesn't have a green thumb, it's just the Washington climate, but we weren't sure we believed her.

Our first project under our belt. I love that they are all so very different.

A little dance break. Thanks Robin for keeping us laughing all weekend : )
Your sense of humor is a gift we all get to enjoy. 

In addition to creating, we had a mini salsa cooking class from Terri's good friend and chief Edna.
Edna, along with Billie, Jodie & Christina made sure we were all well taken care of and pampered all weekend. Thanks for all the care ladies, you are the best!

Ozzie or Diesel I can't remember



The best kinda GIRL POWER!

We passed this beautiful church several times a day in Portland

It's off to the pink sightseeing trolley

Best donuts- EVER!

Some pretty amazing displays at the Portland Anthro


Outside our hotel in Portland

What a great time we all had on our Terri Brush/ Pacific Northwest adventure! We had two red eye flights (only negative), cool weather, conquered fears ( soldering iron, heights and bridges), donuts, new favorites, explored someplace new, relaxing creative time in the most magical setting, best hugs in the world from Billie, scrumptious food, shopping, more donuts, most patient teacher who generously gave to each of us, lots of laughter and the best fellowship.
Thank you Terri and crew for taking such exquisite care of each of us. We wouldn't change one thing and I know we all left with new friends, new passion and hearts full of love. Thank you to my wonderful traveling buddies. Each of you was kind, flexible, accommodating and a whole lot of fun. I appreciate and love each of you. It is because of ya'll that people want to come to Paper Crown. You are the store's biggest asset and pleasure!
I think it wasn't a coincidence that on the sidewalk outside our hotel was chalked
" YOU are AMAZING just the way YOU ARE!" 
So...... Terri,  when can we come back and how about we skip the red eye next time ; )


  1. Loved every minute! Thank you, Cindy and Terri!

  2. I was great meeting new friends and seeing everyone ~ Thank you so much for including me ~ I enjoyed every minute, you are all so much fun.