Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What a FUN Evening!

It may have been thundering and lightening last night but we had a very fun and relaxing evening at Paper Crown. After much, much pestering, the super talented Nan shared her talent for stitching with us last evening. She was a pro- beautiful project, lovely presentation, patient teacher and inspiration to us all. We have all decided we love stitching and are begging for one more class before Nan moves. So if you had to miss, there still might be a chance, especially if we ALL bug Nan.

It was so hard to pick a favorite.

Here is what I got done last night and I'll be working on it today ; )

We all loved it so very much that I ordered felt and wool this morning so we all can join in this  relaxing art form. I'll put on the blog once it arrives but it shouldn't be too long.

Nan thank you so much for a wonderful class last night. You are incredibly talented and we were all blessed and inspired by you. You are the bestest girlfriend!

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  1. Such a FUN evening with such special people. Thank you NAN for being so patient with some of us "challenged" stitchers. Storms can't stop us from spending time at our Happy Place!