Friday, March 10, 2017

If you get excited over a new pen....

Do I have a treat for you! These aren't your ordinary colorful mechanical pencils but the newest and most colorful! The color of the pencil is the color of the lead! These are great for small spaces in planners and now if you make a colorful mistake, you can erase!

I love these watercolor brush pens; perfect for brush calligraphy and the colors are so luscious! I tried these out with just a few colors but after seeing how pretty they were, I think I ordered them all.

Restocked on these brush calligraphy staples- Zebra disposables are the perfect tips for learning and the basics and when you are ready for a little color love the Cocoiro pen bodies and refills.

Love these orange, coral and peach hues with a little turquoise

AND if you shop today....

A little tasty treat left over from last night's class

if you love Liberty of London, you will love what I am unpacking...


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  1. what amazing tips, and i'm loving this new change your bringing in your self, you know its never too late to eat right and be on a healthy diet plan! i hope to see the best of you, lots of love from my side take care dear xoxo.