Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Queen Girdie's Glitter Jubilee-It's All in the Details

Jackie has done a great job on her blog, Good Grief Girdie, http://goodgriefgirdie.typepad.com/blog/2017/04/glitter-retreat-2017.html the past two days documenting the 2017 Paper Crown Glitter Retreat day by day. I could not have done a better job and Jackie's pics are ALWAYS so much better and she has many more so I decided to highlight a couple of areas of the retreat rather than a day by day recap.
I thought I would focus today on the details and décor. The first retreat we did had a theme, birds, but it was pretty loose. We didn't plan for decorations but just went in the back room and cabinets after each meal and tried to come up with tablescapes which were different. My how things have evolved!

Once we come up with a theme the details just start flooding our minds. We realized this winter that even though we are called Paper Crown, we had never done a crown as a retreat project - we also had a very special customer who had been asking for a paper crown for years - Thanks Suzy Q.

I asked Angie to paint some icons we could use to break up the registration email and little did I know they would become front and center in this year's retreat.


From these sketches we came up with our three beautiful projects, three decoration themes for Paper Attic, our daily treats and even the food.
The three projects for this year's retreat fit our theme perfectly and were all such fun to create.
Jenn McGlonn taught this fun doll with a swan

Angie Myers created this beautiful paper crown

Jackie Peters used a Paper Whimsy Alterable to create this queen

With almost 30 women in the store, we needed a little help the first day remembering names so Jackie " just whipped up" these adorable felt name tags. So, so cute and of course, they had a crown.

No event at Paper Crown is complete without Girdie and since this year's retreat was all about her, she had a beautiful gown, sash and flowering crown. I swear give Jackie some paper and a glue gun and this happens-she is better than Cinderella's  fairy godmother!
Each time the ladies entered the Paper Attic for a meal, we had a new theme. The first was flowers, second crown and third was swans. I must admit this is where I can go crazy but oh is it FUN! Unfortunately I seem to come up with the crazy ideas and then let Jackie and Angie figure out a way to make them happen. I have the best team because they ALWAYS seem to come up with a fantastic solution.



Friday night we transformed the Paper Attic into the royal banquet hall fit for a queen. It really was very pretty and the sound of rain on the roof just added to it.  


Love that these girls did not let a broken foot dampen their FUN! You look marvelous ladies!
Our last trip to the Paper Attic was all about the swans. Angie painted a beautiful mural and Jackie worked her magic on three swans to turn them into royalty. Marlene this theme was for you ; )



These lovely swan centerpieces were created by Lesa Dailey for the retreat. If you missed the retreat, you can still take a piece home. Lesa will be teaching a class on the swans, next Saturday, May 6th from 10:00-1. Call the store at 405 848-2389 to enroll.

Tomorrow- swaps and swag

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