Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Queen Girdie's Glitter Jubilee- Swaps & Swag

It just wouldn't be Glitter Retreat without a few swaps and I quickly learned the less restrictions I place on it the better. We just throw out a couple of ideas and tell the ladies to let their imaginations go wild. Each year they are always so much more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. This year was no exception!

The first swap was a tussie mussie or small bouquet. You have often seen the Queen presented with small bouquets as she makes her way in a royal procession and Queen Girdie was no different. First I must apologize, I always get so caught up in these swaps that I forget to take pictures. I was a little better this year but still have a long way to go. If I missed your swap I am so sorry. Chances are, I was still in awe over what you created



The second swap was a paper crown, pretty appropriate considering.

Hopefully some of you all took more pictures and can share them with us. I just get so caught up in the incredible creations that I forget to snap pictures.

The third and final swap was a dress form., very similar to what we start out with when we dress Girdie.


It just wouldn't be a Glitter Retreat without a little swag so here is a peek at some of the items the ladies received last weekend.  
Every Queen needs a crown and her royal sash.

A little reminder of the swan tablescape
We had a couple of Angie's paintings made into postcards, stickers and even a coloring book

Designs by Jamie created these adorable pouches that greeted the ladies our first morning. Jackie added a little bling to the crown and a crown charm to the zipper to make them
" fit for a queen."  Jamie is an amazing seamstress and we were lucky enough to have her at Glitter Market last fall.
Jamie also made these adorable totes with two of Angie's images on the pockets for each of the teachers. With a little arm twisting we might be able to talk Jamie into making something very similar for our Paper Crown girls. If you are interested let me know.
Sometimes a crown is a little out of place but this Paper Crown hat ensures that you can always have your crown.
Loved these Zinnia seeds from Floret Farm. Did you notice the name, "Oklahoma Salmon." Floret is one of my favorite sites to follow on Instagram- such beautiful flowers, it reminds me of our visit last summer to Terri's.

Each night the ladies got a little bedtime reading material and this " Sweet Dreams" tag was tucked in the first night's magazine.

The ladies also received a goodie bag full of paper, hand dyed ribbon, custom glitter and thanks to Jackie's husband Tom, a portable phone charger. Probably the most used gift of the weekend. Thank you Mr. Peters, you are a gem!
Several of the ladies even came bearing presents. Peggy made everyone one of her famous stitched tags and a sweet sentiment defining "Glitter Retreat." Marlene from NJ gave everyone a beautiful beaded box and a fun custom bookmark with each of our swaps.


  1. it was the best glitter retreat ever... i think i say that overtime! cindy payne winter and her art friends so such a wonderful job.. kudos especially to you jackie peters.. your art is amazing.. your touches.. your kindness.. your energy... is boundless.. i love you so much... even this blog means so much to us..

  2. It was absolutely amazing and as a first timer I was blown away ! Such thought and love put into every small detail. Overwhelmed and so excited to have the chance to learn new things and meet such amazing women- -and yes I would love a bag �� ❤️��

  3. I'd be interested in one of those gorgeous totes! I had the best time EVER!! 💖