Tuesday, July 25, 2017

No Shrinking Violets Here

What a fun weekend we had with the talented Julie Haymaker. She taught three unique jewelry classes with her Shrinket products and we are hooked. We just thought we loved shrink before but Julie helped us take it to a whole other level.

We had a small class Friday night but it was the perfect way to wind down a workweek. These necklaces turned out beautiful!

Not only did Julie teach class but we were able to have a " mini" Glitter Market and shop Julie's art and fabulous Shrinkets and supplies.



It was a tricky one but these ladies mastered it and the results are gorgeous- great job ladies!

No rest for Julie on Sunday it was a very full house creating this gorgeous necklace.

Wish I had gotten a picture of all the necklaces but it gets a little crazy at the end. They were all beautiful and we all had a great time being together creating with Julie. Julie thank you again for coming to OKC and we can not wait until we see you again. We are looking forward to more Shrinkets and ready to tackle a doll! Safe travels home friend! ox
I have some of Julie's supplies including molds, kits, some shrink, and beads for sale at Paper Crown so you can continue creating.

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